medicine ball and inversion

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    seem to be helping me. exercise is very difficult to keep going because of PEM, pains, usual periods of non-functioning with cfids. i HATE HATE HATE the atrophy settling in. i keep trying to find things i can do without crashing.

    and recently i discovered medicine ball bouncing. is simple--i sit on medicine ball (@ 24 " high) and just bounce in place. i can put a hand out on chair on one side and couch on the other if i want to steady myself. i do it for 5 mins. i want to do 5 mins twice a day. goal is to aid blood circulation and manage working muscles without causing problems. i watch baseball on tv or some such as i bounce.

    also, for same purpose of increasing blood circulation, esp to head, i put the medicine ball on the couch and i lie on couch with my legs resting up over the medicine ball. i put a flat pillow under my head. it is so comfortable! i stay that way for 20 mins. can listen to news as i do it. if chilly (i'm in San Francisco) i can put a light blanket over my legs and body.

    i discovered this idea of inversion after i was diagnosed with glaucoma. i get the impression from my reading that blood flow may be lacking to my eyes which is leading to optic nerve damage, so i started doing the bouncing and inversion to encourage circulation.

    then i realized that for cfids i must also have a lack of oxygen being distributed around my being, and that bouncing and inverting could help me with that. and it seems as though it is helping me resist crashing after exertion. after all, red blood cells are what deliver oxygen to the cells and lack of that is at least part of what causes fatigue and cfids problems.

    anyway i really like doing these gentle things and think they will help me, so i pass on these ideas. best, Sascha
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    i've gotten helpful inf here on this website. if i can pass anything on i discover, that's good.

    it's so close by (the medicine ball) and easy to fit into my day- except for the days when i'm recovering from too much else happening. yesterday i couldn't do it. i'd had three too-busy days in a row. but i hope to do it again today. good luck! sascha