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Discussion in 'Homebound/Bedbound' started by gb66, Nov 9, 2015.

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    I wouldn't buy drugs online. There are a lot of cheaters on those sites - you don't get the real drugs you order, but fakes. Dangerous. And it's illegal in U.S. anyway.

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    Oh yes, those free discount cards can save a bundle. I once got a $100 prescription for $40 at CVS with several discount cards the pharmacist told me about and used right then and there for me.

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    You may to check goodrx.
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    Many pharmaceutical companies haves free, or reduced cost, program. Your doc's office should be able to help with this. Also, if your doc tells the ins. co. that you cannot take the generic, the ins. co. may cover it. It would be better than having to try to switch meds now or to have to pay so much. Buying drugs from Canada may not be safe and is illegal.

    Write your representative and senator and ask the law be changed so that Medicare can negotiate with pharma companies like the VA does for reasonably priced drugs for those of us who live on small fixed incomes.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, GB,

    One other suggestion: I don't know about Medicare (I'm 57). But our health insurance, including Rx drugs, keeps changing, and keeps getting more expensive .... through Kevin's employer. And believe me, it doesn't provide better coverage.

    Have you talked to your pharmacy??? I only take 2 Rx's (for now) -- and I DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO CVS (our preferred provider). Our regular pharmacy gave me an Rx Card (not sure what it's called). I get my BP and anxiety meds for under $3.00 each, at the Giant Eagle Pharmacy. Of course, these are GENERICS. Maybe your pharmacy/pharmacist could help you? In getting some assistance? Either from the pharmacy, or an agency they are familiar with?

    Or can your doc submit a form that says it's "medically necessary" for you to have the BRAND NAME DRUG?

    You've gotten great suggestions, too, from our other members. I wish you luck. Fingers crossed!

    Hugs, Diane
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    Dear gb,

    I'm so sorry you were sick enough that you had to take those expensive ABX. A friend/neighbor is in the same boat this year. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear gb and everyone,

    Again, I'm so sorry about this nasty infection. I pray you get better.

    Everyone, please take time to send an e-mail to those who represent you in congress to tell them we are a nation in dire need of help with our meds. It is plain old greed on the part of the pharmas who know we need our meds. They are price gouging and taking advantage of those who are sick. Many of us are on fixed incomes and some have become poor due to chronic illness. Ask those running for office what they are planning to do about this. We are not helpless; we are a big voting bloc and they need to know that.

    OK, crawling off my soap box now (too tired to jump down off of it :().

    Love you all,
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