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  1. DJM07

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    How many on here are medicine sensitive? I am and have been most of my life. So it is hard for me to find meds I can tolerate. It mention under one of the fibro sites as one of the symptoms. Actually it was on the fibro site under my doctors website.
  2. momof471

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    I had no problem with medicine sensitivity until about 6 months before I had the fibromyalgia diagnosis. All of a sudden medicines I had previously had no trouble with were giving me problems. I've been through all of the different meds and I tend to always get the worst reactions to them. I think this is common to fibro patients as long as sensitivity to other things such as perfume, shampoos, and so forth. I used to love to take bubble baths, but no more, not unless I want a rash to go with it! You are not alone in this.
  3. teacher

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    All my life. The strongest stuff I could ever tolerate was Tylenol. Learned early to tough it out because taking meds and dealing with the side effects was worse than whatever else was wrong.

    Was never really good with different scents either. Mom could not switch perfumes. I would get really bad headaches just from smelling hers! My sisters didn't like me much. They had to run their perfumes by me also. If I couldn't take it, they couldn't buy it.

    Mom couldn't buy whatever cleaning supplies were on sale either. I'd break out if she tried. She even tried to fool me by buying something and putting it in the empty container of whatever she usually bought. I'd start scratching, turning red and breaking out. She gave in.

    I was not diagnosed with CFIDS until I was 38. The sensitivity is even stronger now.
  4. DJM07

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    wow...I too am sensitive to smells. Strong perfumes can really get to me. I got two new bottles for my b-day and Christmas. I really do not like to hurt anyones feelings but I wish no one would buy me perfume. There is only one I love that gives me no problems...jovan musk. It smells good on me and it does not bother me at all.
  5. abcanada

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    Me too. More so than ever since I've become very sick. I have very bad iBS & find the meds don't help it. Laura
  6. caroleye

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    If I go to a new Dr. I tell him I'm a "pediatric" patient so he gets my level of sensitivity. I call myself a "Universal Reactor". Basically the only meds I tolerate are my valerian based ones that help with me sleep.

    If I try a supplement I always find the lowest dose or for a multiple, buy the "kid's" one.

    Our house is chemical-free with organic everything, air filters, water filters, and no-one comes in that has a fragrance of any type on.

    Just call me The Bubble Girl!!.

    HEALING LIGHT*************CAROLE
  7. rockyjs

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    Many with chemical and drug sensitivities have a condition called porphyria. It is usually inherited but studies have indicated that it can be acquired from certain types of chemical exposures. If it inherited and you have chemical sensitivities, you will probably also be sun sensitive.

    If you do a search using the terms "NAPOS Porphyria" you'll find a drug database where you can put in the name of a drug and it will tell you if it is considered safe or unsafe. It is based on the cytochrome P450 detox system in the liver.

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