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    Trust even the Dark Moments

    While on our journey, life can sometimes get bleak. Dark passages may envelope us.

    Expect these moments. Often they come at the deepest period of working things out. It can be a time of despair, frustration, dead ends, anguish, and angst. Sometimes these moments are brief; sometimes they last a long time. But usually they are necessary.

    Plan on these moments. They are not the end of the journey. They are the passageway through the tunnel and into the light. In just a little while, you will feel, see, and know the purpose of what you're going through. Soon it will beocme clear. You will move out of the darkess and into the light.

    Trust even the bleak times.
    When you reach the end of
    the tunnel, then you will
    know why this all had to be.

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    Great Post !! Thank you so much for sharing this meditation with all of us. It has really been uplifting to me.

    If we look at the darkness of our world, as it is today, we do not see a lot of the Lord’s purpose prevailing. When we look at the world or look at our own lives we must see the "big picture." When we look at what will transpire in the world as God’s purpose and plan unfolds, we will see how God’s purpose does prevail.

    Many Blessings to you, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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    I know I count on these dark moments to pass.
    Sometimes I wonder, but I faith in the Lord
    hewill help me overcome.

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    It is a nice reminder that there is purpose in depression and suffering. It will all unfold eventually. I love to share with others, glad you liked and got something too from it.