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  1. sofy

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    Im looking at delta, theta and alpha cd. Just started with a therapist and she suggested a meditation cd could help me get deep rest. I sure willing to try but does anyone know what if any difference it makes with the different cd. All of these will be used during the day. She said not to meditate after 3 cuz it can give you such intense rest that you might not sleep. Anyone have any insight before I throw money at it?
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  2. Mikie

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    I have a set of these tapes which are designed to use sound vibrations to induce certain brain waves. Mine is a four-CD set. There is a voice which weaves in and out of the sounds and it leads one through the meditation. If I try to concentrate on what the voice is saying, it spoils the effect. It's better to just go with the flow. The voice repeats the instructions over and over. It is very relaxing.

    Using sound vibrations to induce brain waves is a bona-fide science. I love my CD's, but I seldom use them now that I have the Klonopin. If I could just use the CD's, I would, but the Klonopin is the only thing which stops the anxiety and panic attacks and the sensory overload. Using the CD's before bedtime used to really help me sleep.

    Love, Mikie

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    i use one called Insight from a company called Awakened Minds. they have a website with a lot of info about what it actually does and the scientific research behind it all etc. when i use it i get much better sleep and i have a clearer head the next day too usually.
    peace & namaste ~ tara