Meditation for 1/5/04

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    What You Believe Is What You See

    We can call things into play by what we believe, what we say, what we envision, what we speak. This is one of the powers we're learning about.

    Much of this dance of life, this universal rhythm, is out of our control. But while we don't choregraph it, we can work within the part that is ours, with the power that is ours. We do this by what we believe. If we believe that we have to fight the entire world, that we're separate and apart, and that for the most part those we meet will be our enemies, out to hurt us, then that will most probably come true.

    Our beliefs about what we deserve, and who God is, will change as we journey through our adventures. But there is also much we can do now to participate in changing our beliefs, and creating a more desirable world for ourselves.

    What are your beliefs? Listen to yourself. Listen to what you think, what you say, how you react. Listen to yourself talk about other people, about what life is really like, and about what always happpens to you. Listen to what you say about what you can and cannot do. What you hear yourself say is what you believe. And that is probably what you are used to perceiving as happening.

    Try believing something different. Try asking the universe and God to help you change and correct your beliefs. Take an active part in creating your world. Say your new beliefs. Say them aloud. Write them down.

    Believe that you deserve love. Believe that universal love is there for you. And you will begin to see exactly what you believe.
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    Hello Sunshyne,

    May I ask you real name? Mine is Danny.
    But this post is something I know I need to do.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm not be lead by anyone.
    I mosting always turn things over to the Lord, and
    those days are always special. But I have days where
    I dont give my life and its ups and downs over to him,
    and I usually suffer. Sometimes I search for a truth
    that will help me to always give it to the Lord.
    Dear Lord please help me to listen, when you are trying to talk to me and help me understand what my purpose is
    in life. Help me not to be mooding and instead be positive about my life, even during the difficult times. In Jesus name, amen.

    Thanks Sunny,

  3. Sunshyne1027

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    Danny, My "real" name is Nancy, but on the internet for 5 years or more, its been Sunshyne, with the Y. Close friends call me Sunny.

    I am glad you too got something out of the meditation. I thumbed through this book with meditations, until I found one that struck a chord with me. It was that one. Because I do have old beliefs, beliefs that aren't true, but that I really believe them. That I am not lovable, loved, deserving of love. But I am. I know that now. I get off track too, and need put back on. I do not like asking for help either. But changing, and asking God for forgiveness and help.

    Hope you day is going good Danny, God Bless!