Meditation info please?

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    Hi all!

    I can't remember who it was that offered some meditation suggestions on the fibro board...

    I have the Deepak Chopra CD about learning to balance your chakra.

    I really enjoy the music on that CD, but (maybe because I don't do it enough on a regular basis) I can't quite seem to put it all together although I do feel very "even" and clear when I'm done.

    How important is it to focus on the color as well as the area and the type of energy (all at once) you are drawing in?

    After he covers each of the chakra's he talks about moving the energy in a figure 8...can't picture what he means.

    So, beacuse I get off track very easily, I was wondering if you can recommend any good (but short) books on this area?

    Also, I have been looking for a cd to enhance sleep; bought something by "Giami"...hate it. Any other recommendations?

    Have you heard of Marina Raye? If so, what are your thoughts?

    Thanks, Joann

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    I once bought a cd (can't remember name now) of meditating on and balancing chakras, but for me it was way too confusing trying to remember all of it!

    I did learn Transcendental Meditation in early 1970s...

    Dr. Herbert Benson wrote a book giving the same basic method, of using a 1-2 syllable word as a 'mantra' to concentrate on (he suggested the word 'one') and to just sit quietly and bring your mind back to repeating it when you found it wandering.

    It's truly a very easy method yet also very effective. The book may be in your library - it's called "The Relaxation Response".

    all the best,

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    Lichu3 posted this on the CFS/FM board earlier today:

    FREE online Yoga/ guided meditation sessions...... 11/27/07 12:07 AM

    I was recently given an Apple iPOD as a gift and have been figuring out how to use it. I recently found out that the Apple store has a library of free yoga/ guided meditation podcasts, some of which are updated daily.

    1. *For those who have an iPOD, go to the iTunes store, and in the R upper-hand search box, search 'meditation' or 'yoga'. Download what you want.

    2. *For those WITHOUT an iPOD, google "Apple and iTunes", download the free iTunes software to your computer, then go to the iTunes store and do as in #1 above. You can't take the sessions around like the iPOD folks but I think you can still listen to the sessions off of your computer.

    3. For the podcasts with a little TV symbol after the name, you might not be able to see. These are videocasts. I haven't been able to figure out how to work these yet.

    Someone try #2 and tell me if it works! My computer has iTunes on it as a consequence of my brother loading it on with my iPod and I can't test it out clearly.

  4. Mikie

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    Is to get comfortable and just pay attention to your breathing. Notice that you are breathing in and then breathing out. Breathe as slowly as you can. This simple entry into meditation helps prepare you to learn to clear your mind of thoughts, which is very difficult in the beginning. Once you learn to clear your mind of thoughts, you can meditate on something, like healing.

    There are many, many ways to meditate. I do Chakra work but I like the breathing and clearing to relax. Clearing my Chakra column energizes me.

    I also work with various stones and crystals whose vibrations correlate with the different Chakras and life issues. I have found this such a wonderful outlet. I've always been interested in stones and crystals.

    Love, Mikie
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    First thing to remember is that it is not work. You can not push yourself as you mediate. Just relax, and everytime you start to do otherwise, gently bring yourself back to relaxing. In time a person will mediate correctly, meanwhile the relaxation is marvelous for us.

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    everyone here is saying.

    Try different ways and then you'll know more about what works for you. What works one day may not work on another day. I think Chakra meditation is very advanced and takes a lot of concentration which can be hard for us with out DDs. There's no right or wrong about how to do it, once you start meditating regularly you'll probably realize you are benefitting.

    I always tune into my breath when I meditate and try to let it flow evenly and deeply. You can start out doing just a few minutes at a time as others say and other times you may want to go much longer. There are no exact rules except to R E L A X which will get easier with practice.

    This is a nice meditation to do on your computer:

    I also like to do a Rainbow Meditation where I lay down with my eyes closed and I imagine that I'm at the beach. I play some calming music in the background. I imagine that the water is red and full of vibrant energy. My breath draws it up to to me and it starts at my feet and washes over me, (I can breathe through it because it's really just energy). It fills me with strength, vitality and energy. It washes up and then retreats and washes up again repeating this several times. It is cleansing me energetically just as clothes are washed in a washing machine.

    Then the water turns orange and washes up over me again. This time it's very healing like Vitamin C from orange juice . It gives me healing energy.

    I continue like that for the rest of the colors of the rainbow:

    Yellow = Sunshine and Happiness

    Green = Growth and Aliveness

    Light Blue = Sweetness and Playfulness

    Dark Blue = Calmness, Intelligence and Serenity

    Purple = Deepness and Caring and Sprituality

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    Thinking about my "peaceful" seaside meditation. I bought a sea sounds CD and got all relaxed, listening to the sounds of waves splashing on the shore and the sounds of gulls. Just as I was feeling really relaxed, a very loud fog horn sounded and that was the end of the relaxation :)

    Love, Mikie
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    I've had that happen too! It can take a while to find the right CD. I find that soothing music usually works better than the waves, the cries of gulls and whistles of whales on one of ours is way too annoying.

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    Please keep us updated and share whatever you feel you want to. I like Pema. She has CFS too from what I've heard here.