Meditation - it really works! and QiGong

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    We are lucky to have the resources that our local community offers. I wish it was the norm all over.

    Let us know how you end up liking your CD & DVD.

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    from doing my qigong practice for about two months. My pain is down, breathing is better(not that I have breathing problems, but just feel like my lungs are more open), less dizziness, less of the cardiac-type symptoms that I have, mental fog is doing better, flares are occuring less(this is important for me), that overall achy and uncomfortable feeling over the skin is better, less tremor and shakiness, more relaxed, BUT my fatigue and exhaustion is untouched.

    The flare improvement is a big one. I usually seem to have flares every other week or every week followed by what seems like only a few normal sick days. Since including meditation and Qigong on a daily basis, I have been experiencing flares less frequently and the duration is typically less. The flares seem to have abated somewhat.

    Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, the fatigue and exhaustion seems to not have improved at all. It is a little discouraging, but having most of my other symptoms be affected by these practices is still a step forward. There are other ways to address the exhaustion and these practices may in time help as well. Overall, I believe that Meditation and Qigong should be tried by everyone with discipline and belief in the possibility of improvement. At the very least they do improve health which has been shown with various studies.

    I hope all goes well with you Mary and everyone else. I am optimistic that each of us will find the combination of treatments that will bring us back to normalcy.

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    Thanks for your input. It's encouraging to hear how qigong has helped you, although a bit discouraging that it has not touched your fatigue and exhaustion (yet!)

    I don't have pain or FM or flares, "just" CFS with post-exertional malaise, low stamina, delayed onset fatigue (PEM) after exertion. Also get sick every time I crash.

    I do know from experience that meditation helps keep me sane with this DD. And I had treatment from a qigong master many years ago which was nothing less than amazing. So I do think it can help, just will have to be patient and consistent - you stated it well: "with discipline and believe in the possibility of improvement"

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    Who was the Qi Gong master?
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    How have you been doing with the Spring Forest Qigong? I have still been practicing faithfully every morning. I had a flare the other day and realized that before this one, I hadn't had one for more than a month! I would normally get them every week.

    In one of the posts before I said it didn't seem to be helping my exhaustion, but now it seems it may be. I am still sick for sure, but things seemed to have taken a turn. Currently, I practice the Qigong, Vipassana Meditation, and Yoga. The three together seem to be making an impact and as time goes on I am noticing some changes more and more.

    I saw in one of your other posts that you felt like you were detoxing less and I noticed something like that too! It feels like my reactions to things like supplements, foods, allergens, etc. is less intense. I hope all is going well.

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    Sorry, I didn't see your post earlier - the qi gong master I saw was Master Zhou in West Los Angeles or Santa Monica, same area - he has a website, you can google him and find it. He's still practicing. I know I couldn't afford him now - it was hard enough when I was working. Wish I could see him though :)

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    That is great to hear that the qi gong may be helping your exhaustion - I'm so glad to hear you hadn't had a flare for a month. I think any changes are probably very subtle at first and hard to notice. You are doing quite a regimen. I don't think I could do yoga on top of the qigong - I crash too easily, but some day I hope to be able to do it.

    I am doing the Small Universe meditation that came with the Spring Forest qigong package. It is triggering some feelings from quite early childhood, while trying to dissolve energy blocks. It's very unusual - I never expected this reaction. It's happened when I have worked on tension in my neck and actually in my head, strange as it may sound.

    The qigong master who produced the set believes that most illness comes from either energy blockages or imbalance. It will be interesting to see what happens ---

    Yes - something seems to be helping my super-sensitive detox reaction to certain things. I am now tolerating gelatin (high in glycine which aids in detoxing, also is calming) and taurine = before I had a very strong reaction to both of these things and could not tolerate them. Now I have no bad reaction at all.

    And today I took a very small dose of an HCL detox protocol my chiro gave me. Again, before this would have hit me pretty hard, and today I hardly felt it. I think I can feel it now just a little bit, but not like before.

    One other factor is acetyl-glutathione which I took for approximately 4 months. That may be a factor also in reducing my sensitivity or in helping my detox pathways, I just don't know - that and the qigong are the only things I'm doing differently.

    I still crash just as easily, unfortunately, but I like doing the qigong and something is definitely happening with the meditation so plan to keep it up for the indefinite future -

    I hope you continue to improve!

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    That's good to hear that there is at least some effect. For me the changes have definitely been subtle. It is not until looking back that I see the full difference. I am expecting that it will continue this way and will probably take time. I know that there was an article on the Prohealth website talking about case studies in which a few patients with FMS felt remission after about a year of consistent Qigong practice and study. It would seem their improvement was also very gradual.

    Do you only do the Small Universe Meditation or do you also do the movements? When I first started I had a hard time doing it because of the internal tremors as well as elevated heartbeat and dizziness form standing still. Thankfully that improved with time and practice. If worse comes to worse you can always do the movements lying down. However, some of them might be awkward that way.

    I don't even do the Small Universe Meditation because I am doing the Vipassana meditation. I tried it a few times though and think it is really good, but for now mindful meditation is my interest.

    I wish you the best of luck and I hope your exhaustion improves.

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    I am doing the qigong movements as well, but have to do most of them sitting down. I did them all standing the first time and promptly crashed the next day.

    So I do them all sitting, which is great, except for the last one, harvesting the qi. Actually a couple of days now I've added in doing the 2nd to the last movement standing as well. I'm going to very gradually try to work up to doing them all standing, but will take it slow.

    I did see that PH article about FM patients improving and that's what renewed my interest in qigong. I don't have FM but figure it might help CFS as well.

    Take care, and hope you continue to improve too!

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    I should make it clear that I don't do full yoga routines or anything. Simple stretches and a few gentle poses are more like it. I actually just tried a full yoga session about an hour ago and am paying for it with interest right now. Pain, weakness in the legs and arms, feeling like I can't hold myself up, and just major blah feelings. I made a rookie mistake for sure. I just hope I didn't undo any progress. So be careful!
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    Hi All,

    I am convinced that I need to start Qi gong again. I don't remember if it helped when I did it, but i have noticed exercise always helps. I need to do something gentle at this point. I would love to have less detox symptoms and less flaring. It sounds like it is helping some of you a lot. Steve, it sounds like it is really helping....are you still finding that to be true?

    Mary, I remember you mentioned it a week or so ago. I always think that when I run across something a few times it is time to pay attention. Meditation has come up again and again. There is someone in my small town giving classes, which sound wonderful. But not until April. Maybe I should start with the Spring Forest DVD.

    Also, Mary, up thread you mentioned a sensitivity to gelatin? I find that very interesting because I started olive leaf extract and after a couple weeks I started in with chia seeds (very gelatinous). Almost immediately I got very, very sick. Can you tell me a bit about your reaction to gelatin and why you think it's better now?

    Thanks so much, Guys!
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    Yes I still do the Qigong and Meditation. They both are still helping. I just feel like I can do more things. The pain is improved as well as other symptoms I mentioned earlier in this thread. The fatigue has improved but not a lot.

    Overall I find these practices to be really helpful because they are something you can just do in your home and you are not taking any substances. At worst they just won't help, but at best they could make a big difference.

    I do the qigong practice every morning and I do meditation (sometimes I use guided meditations) everyday. I also started doing progressive relaxation.

    I have been doing some studying on buddhist philosophy because it is tied very closely with the meditation practice and they go hand in hand.

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    I first took plain gelatin a couple of months ago in the evening a few hours before bed, because I had read that it was high in glycine (it was one of jaminhealth's posts which steered me in this direction). Glycine is supposed to be very calming for the brain, and gelatin just good all over for joints etc. So it seemed a no-brainer to help with sleep and joints.

    And when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I felt like I had been hit pretty hard by something, and thought, it's working. And in the morning I definitely felt something. It's hard to describe. Not quite like being hit by a truck but similar. I found I had difficulty concentrating, thinking, I got lost 2 blocks from my sister's house and had to call her to "talk me down". Yeah, it affected my brain and made me tired. That night I tried 1/2 dose, still felt out of it the next day and decided no more.

    And then some weeks ago I decided to try it again, and voila! no reacton, except I think it helped with sleep.

    I read up on glycine after I reacted so strongly to it and found that it is used in phase II detox pathways. Anything that is involved with detox pathways always hits me hard.

    I had a very strong reaction to taurine, which is also involved in detoxification.

    And now I tolerate both of these things with no problem.

    I just googled chia and detoxification and read that chia can help with detoxing, so that might be what happened to you.

    Re meditation: I've been doing a simple form of meditation for a long time, but am doing a new form with the Spring Forest program. It has a DVD with qigong exercises and a CD with something called Small Universe meditation, which is rather trippy, but I think very good. Meditation is great, however you do it.

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    Mary and Steve,

    Thanks so much for the responses. I am thinking of getting the Spring Forest Qi gong DVD for beginners. I do have a DVD my acupuncturist made for our class....but Qi gong isn't her primary specialty or interest and I found some of the exercises confusing/complicated. You both think the SFQ is pretty easy, right? Simple to learn?

    Steve, yes, I want to stay away from as many substances as possible...especially drugs. I seem to get very ill every time I go on a new drug.....or most any drug.

    Mary, yep, I am thinking it was a detox reaction. And getting hit by a truck is pretty close to the way I feel when I have a reaction like this or a flare. ; )
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    I like the Spring Forest set a lot - it is simple, the DVD is easy to follow, and it comes with a book too which explains things, as well as the meditation CD. I think it's a very good package. I got it because someone else on this board recommended it, and I'm very happy with it. The qigong master who put it together also has some bonus sections on the DVD which are very interesting.

    I have a feeling it would probably be better than the DVD your acupuncturist made --

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    Although I think my acupuncturist is wonderful and she really cares, I have a feeling the Spring Forest is going to be a lot better. It is reasonably priced, too. I think I will take the leap. ; )