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    I was just responding to the lady from Medpedia and her post was Deleted as I was responding. Please read my response to understand why I think medpedia is very important to all of us and please respond and explain why medpedia isn't being allowed to post here. I think they could be a huge help to educating the public about CFS and FMS. We need all the help we can get.


    You are truly an angel :) Wow. This great! Medpedia is like Wikipedia but about things in the medical world.

    Thanks for calling us experts on FMS. Many of us have studied these diseases like FMS, CFS daily for decades. Are you also interested in CFS for your board? I really hope so because we have a huge problem with Wikipedia regarding CFS. The psychologizers who run the medical system in the UK and here, our CDC, all seem to be conspiring, maybe hiring, people to vigilantly change Wiki back to psychologizing CFS every time people with it try to change it to show the truth of the biological abnormalities and the perspectives of CFS doctors and specialists. And now they've locked the page down. You might still be able to access the History of the arguments back and forth behind the scenes. I read them and I'm very distressed about this situation and I received no help from Wiki when I asked about for it.

    One thing I can tell you about your site right now is that I cannot take the text running from the right to the left continually like it is on the Home page. That sets me off. My problem is neurological and is very common with CFS but not usually FMS.

    I did manage to get to CFS at your site though. But I can't really look around on your Home page. Anyway, thank you for not psychologizing CFS, at least from what I just skimmed and read. But I would really like to see the first article to focus on CFS only in the CFS section. You seem to go back to FMS on that page and too much emphasis is on the fact that both CFS and FMS can run hand-in-hand in the first article IMHO.

    I happen to have both CFS and FMS but most people I've met online have one or the other. Some have both and some people and doctors think they're the same illness. While I respect their viewpoints, I disagree. I had CFS for a decade before I developed severe FMS and I've been studying CFS since 1985 and FMS since 2000 when I came down with them respectively.

    When I went to your site, I typed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the Search Box and it went to the page of articles. Is that what you're asking us to give input on?

    Thanks so much for caring. :)

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