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    I have a chronic problem with cysts(boils?) anyway, the Drs. have know idea, after tests and tests, what could be causing them. I take:methadone for pain
    nexium for stomach
    effexor for depression
    Could long term use of these cause such horrible cysts. They are mostly on my face. But occationlly on other parts of my body.I usually get them in the summer months. I am at my wits end.I take a lot of asprin too. I suffer from FIBROMYALGIA.
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    THANK much!!!

    I had this problem start about a week ago on the back side of my elbow and now last night on my thigh. I thought it was a spider bite at first but looking closely could tell it wasn't. I looked up the word furuncles and found a picture. Yep looks just like mine. It also said that you can have fever and fatigue. I was in the bed sleeping for 5 days last week with a fever. Thanks for the info.

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    Most of the Drs. I have seen ARE SAYING THE CYSTS ARE FROM A COMPRAMISED AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER. (FIBRO.)? Anyway. I think they are right, and I am interested in the neltrexone(lowdosenaltrexone)treatment. I have to approach a Dr. thats willing to listen.I appreciate the input. sunshineno2
    The cysts are so big that we have had to do surgury several times,leaving terrible scars.It is so depressing.!!!
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    Not sure if its related to FM,but i've had a couple,few cysts~ One was an infected ingrown hair on the bikini line area.I've had a few ovarian cysts. And the worst of all was a Bartholin gland cyst!!!OMG.....bad!! It got huge and I had to have it lanced and drained!!Then I was on antibiotics for 10 days!! I won't go into details on location or what it is.....its nasty!! and pain??!! excruciatings the word!! I don't care where they are ,cysts are not fun!!I feel for you:)
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    Oh you brought back bad memories. Lancing is the worst. Little off the subject but I had hemrroids lanced twice from pregnancies. It was very painful!