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    who is on meds for Cholesterol? I am very sensitive to lots of med...I'm on ezetrol but it's only to help with the fat intake it does not lower my bad anyone on meds for this ans is sensitive to meds?

    Love to all, Ann
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    I took Liptor for about a year, but my muscle pain increased over time. I was near 300 when I started, with in 3 months I was normal, well as normal as I can be, lol.

    My Dr took me off to see if it helped the muscle pain, I didn't tell a marked difference, maybe less cramps while walking.

    Three months later my numbers were over 250 so I went on Tricor, my numbers are better now. But the muscle thing is still there. I had to hold my arms up today to change light bulbs in my ceiling fan, I was having a hard time getting the glass cover back up and my arms were screaming.

    My HC is not my diet but my genes. I hope you find something that works for you. Carla
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    I take Zetia. My PCP doctor wants me to take Zocor instead. We have had "heated discussions" about the Zocor. Everytime he convinces me to take it, the Zocor affects my legs. I fall, I stumble, I'm unsteady on my feet with it.
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    Ask your doctor if you can try red rice yeast - available in health food stores, Target (that's where I get mine) and Walmart (but I was concerned about quality).

    It's also available here from ProHealth and I'd prefer buying it from here since I'm sure is one of the best quality. Problem is, ProHealth's also contains 30 mgs of CoQ10. I must buy supplements separately since I'm sensitive to many including that much CoQ-10.

    RRY is said to be similar to Lipitor in how it handles cholesterol but without the pain of statins.

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    If you choose to take any of the cholesterol RX meds, it is REALLY important you take CoQ10 with any statin drugs to protect your heart and prevent muscle aches... do a search on it! One good place to read is Life Extension Foundation,; I'm not sure if there's also info here in the supplement section as well.

    When the first chol. drug came out, the company also patented and had approved a version combining it with CoQ10 -- so they KNOW about it's necessity and importance-

    BUT they never marketed it! Go figure! I really don't understand it...

    all the best,

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    A year or so ago my DH got all excited cause the PCP found that his cholesterol was about 200 or so which originally used to be the norm. I think they may have changed that now. Not sure exactly what that is.

    Well at first he was taking polychosinaol and took that awhile wtih Moduchol which they do not have everywhere. I seemed to help pretty well. The the lady at the HF store told him about red yeast rice and he has done great on it. It really took it down and he does not have muscle pain either. I have been taking it off and on but I don't think mine has had a problems since I had it tested a couple of years ago.

    He has told others about it and it took theirs way down and others it didn't. So it ia all an individual thing and probably what you eat , genetics also etc.

    It surely is worth a try.. It might also depend on the amout taken as to the after effecaats and results. DH has only been taking 600 once a day. I have seen it as high as 1000 mg and some might take it more often which might cause problems for some.

    Blessings to all,