Meds for fibro that help? On lyrica

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  1. Hi I haven't been here for awhile. I take lyrica 100mg twice a day which is a low dose, I have taken it for a few yrs now. But I have been having alot of pain in many places and I am seeing my rheumatologist tomorrow. I was wondering is there anything out there now that seems to help fibro better now days? Some days , actually most days I feel like sitting and crying I hurt so bad. Any suggestions on new meds out there? I appreciate any replies.
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    I tried lyrica for almost two years. It worked for the first year and then it stopped working. I decided to wean myself off and I actually feel better. I still have pain but it doesn't stop me and force me to lay down most of the day. I take a lot of supplements. I have tried many different fibro meds and they just don't work for me. My biggest problem is getting good sleep. If I sleep well then my pain level is down to a 3 or 4. If I don't sleep well a couple days in a row then the pain shoots up to a 8.

    Lyrica is pretty heavy duty and full of side effects that can make the pain come back. I used nuerontin for a short while then went off that too. Maybe try nuerontin which has fewer side effects....
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    My wife has been taking Lyrica for many years now and honestly I can't help but believe that without it she would be in SO MUCH pain that she would be looking for the optional pain relief method (the gun). Over years her dosage has gone up but then again so has her pain. She is currently taking 400mg a day (two (2) 100mg pills in the morning and two (2) 100mg pills at night). The maximum suggested dosage is 600mg and occasionally she has to go up depending upon her pain levels but she doesn't have much budging room. She suffers unimaginable pain throughout her body and sadly enough different medications work for different pains which leaves her confounded with an array of medications.

    Needless to say that Lyrica is one of her main medications that deals with a great deal of pains throughout her body. A few months ago her doctor was looking to change her over to Savella since it is a NEW medication that has been approved for Fibromyalgia pain. The doctor gave her a sample starter kit - its a medication that you have to slowly work into by taking a 25mg pill each day for a week then bump up to two a day and so forth until you get to your desired dosage. Long and short of it she never finished the sample pack and therefore never had to fill the actual script because it gave her adverse side effects (can't remember exactly what they were but it was definitely NOT working!).

    She is my wife and I literally quit my work so that I can provide her 24/7 care - its cheaper than hiring a 24 hour caregiver and they won't care for her like I do and can!! As her caretaker I have been organizing her medications and much more for years now (I feel like a pharmacist) so you can take it from me that Lyrica is literally a LIFESAVER for her! Without it, I can almost guarantee you she would have ended her life from the never-ending unimaginable pain long ago.

    The BIG drawback is that Lyrica is VERY expensive. At her dosages it is one of her most expensive medications costing right at $500 a month. Luckily we had an amazing attorney and won our lawsuit and therefore the State of Washington is required by court settlement to pay for her medications (those that deal specifically with her approved conditions at the time) FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!!! At $500 +/- a month, that's a BIG BIG DEAL. We are extremely grateful and realize that most people don't have this benefit.

    BUT GOOD NEWS!!!! Just this month (July 5, 2012), the FDA has approved for a Boston Pharmaceutical Company to start manufacturing GENERIC Lyrica (Pregabelin Capsules) in the various dosages ranging from 25mg to 300mg capsules. Now, those who REALLY needed Lyrica but could never afford it can soon start to enjoy the benefits!!

    She has tried Neuroton and others in the past and Lyrica has worked better than anything. She also has to take Clonazepam for her Occipital Neuralgia; Carbamazepine for her aladynia (not sure of the spelling but its like a thousand bees stinging all over her back constantly); and even must take Oxycodone (Percocet) and Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) in combination when her pain is at its worst! I can't tell you how much she HATES taking these meds!!! The doctor even suggested once that she transfer to Oxycontin but refused.

    Anyway, I really hope this information helps. I know my post is probably too long but I think that some background info helps sometimes. Feel free to ask me anything you wish and I would be happy to help if I can be of help in any way!!
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    Cymbalta and Savella are other options if you have experienced breakthrough pain after being on Lyrica. Unfortunately they are expensive even if you have insurance, the co-pays add up. I had excellent results on Cymbalta for a year and a half on half a normal dose. Then, I too, developed breakthrough pain. I went off Cymbalta and onto oxycodone. After just shy of two months the pain calmed down and now I only usually need advil. I have FM and M.E., CFS. I hope you find some relief. Hugs, MicheleK
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    25 years of pain after a known tick bite, that unknown to me, transmitted a bacterial infection called Lyme disease, after Lyme, CT where it was first reported from in 1982. When I found out, I treated with oral clindamycin antibiotics, 150mg every 6 hours and my pain went to ZERO in a week's time! I took it 2x/day for 5 years, then it stopped working. I now take teasel root and turmeric capsules for joint and tissue pain. We're all different when it comes to what will treat. Treatment comes in three categories: kill/deter the organisms, detox and fortify. You can learn a lot more about it at, also get a Lyme doctor referral in Seeking A Doctor. Also see,,, google the 2008 Burrascano guidelines about how to treat.

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