meds for pain? Right Doctor?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by julesjz, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. julesjz

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    Hey all, has anyone gone to a Pain Clinic? I have been to the Doctor every two weeks since I was diagnosed late spring, and now it seems they're done with me and have nothing else to offer, and want to send me to a Pain Clinic. But all the Docs I've worked with so far have this "holistic approach" for me, and I'm sick of it. They don't understand that when I haven't slept for days and am in so much pain it makes me cry that I need something serious that works right now!. If they were in my boat they wouldn't just wait three weeks to see if these antidepressants work for pain and sleep which none do, Celebrex might as well be a placebo, I get nothing for immediate pain and sleep. A friend of mine suggested to me to get a second opinion and go see an internest where they're more likely to give me something real for pain and sleep...I've felt like a guiney pig all summer...I'm also thinking of applying for disability, I'm just 33, but I can't work full-time at all, I can't walk a mile without paying for it for days, sometimes I can't even roll over in bed because of the pain,UGH, just frustrated! So far my meds are 20 mg of Celexa and 100 mg of Celebrex in the am, and 2mg of requip, 100 mg of Celebrex, 200 mg of Trazadone in the pm, nothing works...Help with experiences and suggestions!
    thank you so much, I'm so glad I found this board, I too like another post I've read, believe I've had this since I was a child...
  2. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    Maybe, then in your case the Pain Clinic is a good idea. At least you are almost guarnetted to get some help/relief there. I am sorry you are so banged up and I am sorry you have a real jerky doctor. I have been there....believe me and so have most of us. Please, just keep trying until a doctor treats your pain. What do they say when you ask for pain killers?

    PS- I agree Celebrex is a real joke.
  3. Mini4Me

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    I have tried two pain clinics, and had bad experiences at both of them. One treated me like I was a junkie off the street and the other claimed I did not have fibro, I just needed to take her very expensive sleep study test and I'd find that a c-pap mask would cure all my ills (I took the test and it was negative for sleep apnea, but she wouldn't treat my pain!) I then found a great physiatrist, (no not psychaiatrist), she specializes in physical med and rehabilitation. Currently she is giving me a series of trigger point injections (with saline solution) to break up my painful trigger points.

    I've been on some pretty heavy duty pain killers and even they don't do justice to this kind of pain. However, you deserve to at least be given the chance to try some opiate treatment to see if it raises the quality of your life. My problem with long acting opiates was that I wanted to sleep my life away and I still needed to take vicodin for breakthrough pain.

    Everyone is different, but you deserve the chance to try some real pain killers!
    Best of luck,
  4. julesjz

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    Not by your reply of course!! But that Docs don't understand the level of pain and how debilitating it can be! What has worked for you for pain?
    thanks for you help!
  5. StephieBee

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    It is very frustrating!!

    I have spent the past 7 years trying to find a doctor that would treat my pain well enough.

    I have had a few docs that would give me a couple rx's for pain killers. For almost a year I was on the fentanyl patch...then all of a sudden I stopped it, and when I went back to that doc to ask for something for the pain he claims that he doesnt prescribe pain killers. OK!!???

    I have been to a pain clinic before and they did nothing for me. In fact, I felt worse everytime I walked out of there. PT was a waste of my time, and the doc didnt believe in pain meds.

    I have tried every med known to mankind it seems, and the only thing that gives me some sort of relief are pain killers. They are they only things that give me a semi-normal life.

    I finally found a rheummy that is willing to hear and rx what works for me...not what he thinks will work.

    Keep looking, dont give up.


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