Meds for pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wordwarrior, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. wordwarrior

    wordwarrior New Member


    I have to go back to the Rhumetologist in 4 weeks (would go sooner - but no time due to work/college). He has me on cyclobenzaprine at night which is supposed to help with the pain the next day by getting me sleep. Well it seems to get me to sleep, yet I either wake up several times a night or dream the entire night in a state where anyone could call my name and I would be instantly awake. Not sure if this counts for sleep.

    Anyway, he also gave me ultracet which is no more effective then tylenol. I can't take any anti inflamatories, motrin and the like due to IBS/small ulcer patch. Makes my stomach twist and ache.

    What else is there to try that is like ultracet (I take it when I need it - not all the time) but actually works. I've already been down the antidepressant/inderal sort of route and it didn't work for me.

    I need real sleep (all night), and something that actually works on pain.

    Any ideas for the Doc?

  2. JohnThreeSixteen

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    the ones you mentioned I also take (Tramadol and Flexeril). Do you take Cymbalta or some other a/d? They really help me.
  3. lillieblake

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    I tried Cymbalta and found my new best friend :). My insurance won't cover it so I am on lodine. That works too.

    But I also take Lyrica daily which helps me be as normal as possible.

    I can take Tylenol with the lodine if I have a headache, etc., so apparently the Lodine doesn't take care of all pain.


  4. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    for pain I take: Oxycontin, Vicodin, Lyrica, Skelaxin and Diazepam.

    For sleep I take: Halcion

    I take other meds too but they aren't directly related to pain or sleep.
  5. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member


    I am well aware of all the issues that come with taking hardcore pain meds. My mother also has FM and is on some pretty hardcore meds.

    I have been on my meds for years and I have never been addicted...dependent yes but not addicted.

    My regime of meds currently allows me to have some semblance of a life, without them I would be bedridden.
  6. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    It's definitely trial and error trying to find something that relieves pain and doesn't have side effects that you can't live with.

    No disrespect meant AT ALL, but those of us who are on pain meds are well aware that we may become dependent, since that's a normal body reaction. There is a very real difference between that and addiction. Unfortunately many doctors won't prescribe for some people, that's what they hear "I don't want you to become addicted". Well - if someone had short term pain, I might agree, but we are living with something that will most likely last a long time. I hope that someday I don't have this pain, then with help from my doctor I can throw away these pain meds!

    Wordwarrior - like you, I can't take any anti-inflammatories- (which don't help unless you have inflammation anyway), or anything aspirin or ibuprofen based because of allergies. I went for years on Tylenol - the pain then became unbearable and Vicodin helped me.

    Tramadol (Ultracet) didn't do a darn thing for me either!
    You're right that good sleep is critical to you. I've never had to take any sleep meds. I do now take Topamax (in the Lyrica/Neurontin type family) which helps with headaches and actually helps me sleep (sometimes).

    Surprisingly what helps me sleep some nights is good ol' Tylenol PM!

    Hopefully your doctor is one will keep looking til he finds something that works for you - both in the sleep and pain department!
  7. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Well I only use the Vicodin as a med for breakthrough pain...which means I don't take it all the time just when the pain is really bad.

    I find the Oxy very helpful because it gives me pain relief all the time...I take the Extended Release kind so I take a pill every 12 hours and that means I have constant pain meds in my system so I don't have as many ups and's more stable. I use the Vicodin when I need a little extra coverage on really bad days.

    Lyrica is good for my nerve pain but has also done wonders for my IBS and my stomach so I find it very helpful!

    The Diazepam I don't take every day...I just take it when I am having "extra" muscle spasms that the Skelaxin can't handle.

    As for the Halcion...I have tried EVERY sleep med almost and this is the only one I have had any luck with, so I have stuck with it. Without it I would never fall asleep...before I started it I could go like 3 days with no sleep. Once I fall asleep I will stay asleep for awhile it's just the falling asleep part I have trouble with which is why my doc went with Halcion cause it's effects only last about 4 hours.

    Oh I forgot to mention...I do not ever feel "high" from any of my meds.

    Without all these meds I would be bedridden just about every day. With these I get to go out sometimes and at least sit down in the living room with my family and friends so I am not always alone.
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  8. wordwarrior

    wordwarrior New Member

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the info. I will ask him for something that is cheap and works. I may be switching jobs, and if I need to pay for the medication I want to be able to do so.

  9. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Well no wonder you're cautious about pain meds! Goodness!
    I think though if taken properly and you don't have any rare strange reactions, they're pretty safe.

    I spoke with my rheumatologist this week about my meds and the safety issue specifically. I take oxycontin (extended release) and oxycodone (for breakthrough pain), neither have Tylenol. He said both were very safe medications, that do not have any adverse reactions on my body (heart, lungs, organs etc.) The dangers of course are when people don't use them as directed.

    They have helped me SO much I can't tell you. I too would be bedridden many days - not only that, but I'm not sure what my will to live would be like.

    I never get any 'high' either. I don't know why some people do and some don't. Now, I'm also one that can't take 1/2 of a low dose Xanax as it knocks me right out. It's strange how we all react differently.

    There are many low dose safe medications out there to try. I would NEVER tell anyone who is against them to go that route however. I can only tell you how much difference they've made in my life. No pain med will take away all of my pain (our pain), but for me, they take the edge off enough to function, to live, to laugh...

    One of those meds is Tramadol(Ultracet, Ultram) (an opiate-like medication), low dose Vicodin that you can split in half if necessary.

    One little side effect I got when starting Vicodin was my Chronic IBS (diarrhea kind- not fun) was I finally became 'normal'!!!

    Living in pain is no way to live. I feel like that even though I have something to take to relieve the pain. Somedays it is still not enough.
    To hear you describe your pain as 'violent' breaks my heart. Whatever route you choose to go, I hope you find some relief!!
  10. texasrose204

    texasrose204 New Member

    My Dr has me on skelaxin, Ultram ER 24 hour so constant med, And Hydrocodone just up dosage on that i was hurting on lower dose after 4 hours, (take every6). I do not take hydro. if pain is tolerable. I never feel high or anything. Funny to used to be 1 sinus pill made me stay up all night. I don't know what i would do without these pain meds. The pain is so severe at times.
    My dr is good to change or increase when one stops working. I have been on ultram (tramadol) for over a year. He did have to increase the mg becuase lower dose just didn't work. The ultram er is is new -- taking 200 MG was on the regular every 6 hours. The ultram is more expensive so i may go back to other. This is my second mth on it.

    I am on elavil at night to help with sleep. I hate taking all these drugs and i still have more. I have lupus also. But things are bad now i don't know where i would be without them. Lryica did not work for me- except for sleeping at night. I got off it and he increased my elavil and that helped with the sleep issue.

    I too take cymbalta every a.m. Anyway we are all different and just trial and error to see what works. I will call my dr with any issues i have with meds and he will make adjustments that day. It seems with this fm things are constantly changing. Now i feel like my bladder is spasming when i am in bad pain.

    It is sad to have to take pills like this but have to be able to function somehow. I hurt everyday some days not as bad so i don't take the extra pain meds then. I have heard some people say can go awhile without hurting but seems constant with me. As is the exhaustion part some days I can't get out of bed. So i will do what i can to make what life i have better. (this is not living to me) Have a good day and hugs to all!
  11. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I feel sorry for those who cannot tolerate any medications for some of the severe symptoms of CFS/FMS. However, for those who can, it is a blessing for a better quality of life and addiction is relatively rare as far as I believe.

  12. wordwarrior

    wordwarrior New Member

    Hi All,

    Pain has worsened for me over the years and is primarily in the back neck shoulders and now legs. But recently my hands are killing me. Especially after traveling and driving in the car. Is this typical FM? Please let me know.


  13. Manaleon

    Manaleon New Member

    About the hand pain- I tend to get a lot of stiffness from driving in my fingers, other time I just get sharp arthritis like pain in certain joints there.

    About the pain med- I can relate to not being able to take NSAIDS. I have Eosiniphillic Esophagitis, so it would be too easy for my stomach to bleed. The next step up from tylenol would be Acuflex. It's mostly tylenol, but it has an allergy medicine in it that some how amplifieds the pain killing strenght of the tylenol. It's prescription form is very expensive as it's brand name only, but the formula's been around for years under the name percogesic. The only difference between the prescription and over the counter, is the prescription is double strenght, so you could just take two of the over the counter. It's non narcotic so it doesn't have all the horrible stomach side effects, but again it works better than plain tylenol. When I'm out somewhere and need something to hold me over from the pain or the pain isn't so intense, this is what I take. When I'm home I also have Lortab, slightly stronger than Vicodin, and Percocet. I use these as a last resort. I'm just warning you about these because they can be aweful if you have stomach problems. They won't damage the stomach but they can make it very upset. If you have a codine derivative(tylenol with codine, codine, vicodin, lortab, percocet), make sure you take the pill with a meal. If the pill bothers your stomach too much, you can break the pill in half and break up the dose. For example, if you have a pill thats says take every 6 hours as needed, you can break the pill in half and take one half when u need it and the second half in three hours. This only works with pills that aren't in an extended release form(mostly tylenol you'd have to watch out for with this). And if you have iritable bowel problems, codine and drugs containing codine cause constipation, so if you have a bad day when you need to take a lot of pain medicine, consider a gentle laxative such as miralax.

    And an important thing to remember about tylenol....
    No more that 1000 every four hours AND
    No more than 4000 every 24 hours
    otherwise you can do damage to the liver

    (I only know all this from my own experience and since my husband's in pharmacy school and works at a pharmacy. lol He can drive me crazy sometimes with all his pharmacy speak, but I love him)

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