meds from disabilty

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  1. shelby56

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    hi i am on disabilty does anyone have the insurance to help pay for your meds if so what kind to get and is it any good ty for anything
  2. dragon06

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    Are you on LTD from a company you worked for or are you on SSDI or SSI?

    If you are on SSDI or SSI you should qualify for Medicare or Medcaid, these should have some prescription help for you.

    If you don't qualify for those then there are places out there to help people with low incomes pay for their meds, like Rdx Outreach or PPPA. Also drug companies usually have patient assistance programs to help low income people get their drug for free. You would need to fill out all the paperwork and have a doctor sign it.

    Also, most pharmacies like Walgreens have prescription discount cards for people with little to no insurance. Walmart also offers very cheap generics.

    You can always apply for health insurance but that tends to be very pricey, even if you only apply for prescription coverage which I am not sure is even allowed.

    I would look into what is available through your disability.