MEDS (Help or Hinderance)

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  1. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    Can you please share what antidepressants and mood stabilizers you have taken and tell whether they have helped or hindered you?

  2. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    Can you please share what antidepressants and mood stabilizers you have taken and tell whether they have helped or hindered you?

  3. BonBons

    BonBons New Member

    Hey spooner - I've taken Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, Amitryptilline, and Tramazole. When I first started taking Prozac there was a huge difference. But it eventually didn't work. I didn't like Zoloft and think it added weight to me. I stopped the Ami because it was only 10mg, and I did wean off it but don't miss it now. I think I'm right about the Tramazole, I can't remember much of that one. It was added to the Prozac, and maybe the 2 enhanced each other. Now on Effexor, increased to 225 mgs since I've been having serious anxiety and depression and pain. I have been having funny dreams and nightmares - a friend said could be the Effexor XR but I'm not willing to change anything around until I'm more stabilized mood-wise, since I think a good deal of it came from losing a dear friend and my 9 year old Sheltie and had serious shoulder surgery and a 3,000 mile relocation (CA to FL). So I want to work through some of these things without upsetting the applecart. In one dream I was captive in a Koresh-like compound, but I was demanding to be released, and flung my purple boa in the "leaders" face. Too funny! I don't want to give up that kind of entertainment, either, heck it's free! Lol....BonBons
  4. 2girls

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    My doctor prescribed Prozac - been taking it for a little over a month. Before this I was so stressed and anxious about every new symptom FM dishes out (thought it must be cancer). I do feel MUCH calmer although I'm not sure if it is the medication or if I just decided to stop stressing out about everything. In doing so, I also physically feel better than I did prior to taking the Prozac.

    2 girls
  5. teach6

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    Since I was originally dx'd with depression and it kept getting worse, no matter what med I tried, funny how that works when you've really got CFS and FM, I've tried about everything out there (not quite).

    First was Prozac, in fall (school stress) I increased it to 40 mg and began seeing psychiatrist who decided to try Paxil, since Prozac wasn't doing much.

    Next fall, you've guessed it, dose increased, seeing another new doc and he said let's try Serzone. That didn't help and I became so overwhelmed I was hospitalized for depression. At the time I wrote in my journal that maybe being there would allow me to finally get some much needed sleep...HA!

    Doc I saw in hosptial also put me on Depakote, Ambien, and a few others. My pharmacist said I shouldn't be taking them all together. Gee, thanks!

    In spring doc decided that I really wasn't getting any better, gee I'd only been telling him that for months and he kept saying, give it time! In the meantime I was complaining of several physical problems, but they were shrugged off because my blood work was normal.

    So he put me on Remeron. I felt better almost immediately, but waking up in the morning was nearly impossible. I was late for school for the next year and a half, until I went off it.

    Life went along fairly well for a while, then my ob/gyn asked why I was on Depakote, so I ended up going off it. Around the same time I was having major problems sleeping, but my psychiatrist kept telling me that getting 6 hours of sleep shouldn't be a problem! HA! Maybe not for him, but for me it was.

    I had a few great months and then became anemic and my life went down the tubes. I had increased anxiety and depression, so he put me on Effexor this time. When I told him that made it worse he told me there wasn't anything else left (bulls***) and increased it. Then he added Buspar at double the highest recommended dose. Changed docs!!!

    I am now on Zoloft and doing fine, in fact, cutting back at this time.

    BonBons I would heed what your friend told you about Effexor! It sounds exactly like what happened to me and it was a nightmare!

  6. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    Yes, I too had bizarre dreams on the Effexor
  7. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I also have been on probably every antidepressant known to woman! Now I'm on Effexor and it's worked wonders! I don't have any side effects and my depression is gone! As far as weird dreams go, I was told that when you're depressed, you don't dream - I don't remember why though. Anyway, when I'm not depressed I do dream. That is supposed to be good because dreaming helps you sort things out unconsciously. I also am going to a wonderful therapist. She is NOT a psychiatrist (I hate them) but a Social Worker and has helped me IMMENSELY! You don't have to be "crazy" to talk to someone - I think everyone could benefit from it. She helps me deal with things like FMS and how I feel about myself, etc. Also, the type of antidepressant also depends on what you are taking it for. I also take Trazadone before I go to bed, to increase my seratonin and help me sleep. The Effexor increases my Norephinedrine. No problems with any of them! Good luck!

    Annette2 :)
  8. Teresa6868

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    My doc has me on Celexa and I love it but think the mg. needs to be increased on my next doctor visit because I am having what I call break thru achyness (is that a word) LOL.
    Other than helping with the aches its also helped me stop crying constantly too. Good luck to you.