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    I hope you all don't get tired of all the questions I'll be bombarding you with....but how can you tell if a particular med or suppliment works or not? This fatigue is so chronic and if I feel good for a couple of weeks after the start of a new med, then how can I know if I'm just in remission or if it's the med?
    And....can the meds be used as a PRN or do they have to be ongoing? My doctor says they can be used as needed but the pharmacist says they take up to two weeks to begin any benift. The only thing that had any immediate effects for me was the adderal, but that was only a jittery side effect,with no relif from the fatigue.
    THank you
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    I have not been on here in a long time because my meds are working very well for my fibromyalgia. I consider myself in semi-remission. I now have a part-time job, whereas a couple of months ago I was looking at filing disability.

    I contribute it totally to the increase in dosage of my meds. (Topamax, given for fibro pain) However, I do have some days with more fatigue and pain. Those days are few and far between and not near as bad as they were prior to the increase in my meds though.

    I would follow the directions on the prescription, and take them when I felt fatigued. It takes time for meds to work. If they are still not working, I would talk with the doctor.


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    I would always follow the directions from the pharmacist before the doc - unless you have a very knowledgable doc. To start with take them regularly, then back off if you feel that you can and take them PRN

    It also depends on the med
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    It can be difficult to tell if something is helping or not. I would give it more than a couple of weeks - more like a month or two, unless it seems to be having negative effects.

    If you have 3 things wrong with you and a medication helps one of them, you can still feel bad even though the medication is working.