Meds No Longer Working

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    Hi Everyone,

    The heat of the summer combined with a couple of difficult to get rid of UTI's have caused a terrible flare. My fibro was being managed pretty well by a drug regiman, I was even able to take short walks with my dog. Life felt almost normal. Until this happened and now my meds are not controlling the pain any longer. I take two different anti depressants, flexeril, tramadol, lunesta (for sleep.

    Now nothing seems to work. Doc tried me out on zanaflex and that didn't do much of anything. I ended up in the ER saturday because the pain was so intense and nothing was working. They gave me valium (enough for the weekend) and it helped a lot, but I don't think I want to take that long term as it is addictive. Lyrica doesn't help me either. Does anyone have ANY ideas? Medicinal or otherwise.

    I really like my job and actually WANT to be at work. I'm here today, but feel awful...truly awful. I've put in a call to the doc, but I feel like death. I feel like I'm dying. I know I'm not...but it feels like it. I'm tired of fighting the fight. I'm tired of winning some battels but not the war.

    Any ideas are welcome. God bless....ElizaJane
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    I also would recommend a pain management clinic. When my regular doc thought it was fibro, he sent me to the rheumy. He was of the same opinion and started me on the tramadol and flexeril. When he thought I was at the max dose of tramadol (100 mg 4x day), he sent me to pain management. Every 3 months I have cervical facet joint block injections and trigger point injections. They also gave me Lortab 4x a day in addition to the flexeril and amitriptyline I was already on. I have to give them credit, they were sooooooooo nice and really understood my pain. Without them I wouldn't be able to work at all.
    Good Luck!!!