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    I am becoming VERY concerned that I'm becoming dependent on the meds I'm taking. Cant relax without the Serax. Try to only take it before bed and during the day if the pain is really bad. It does help with muscle pain. And have been taking 10 mg of ambien split during th night for 2 yrs. Only sleep a few hrs than awake. Trazadone made me groggy but amped out. Anybody have any ideas??? Appreciate any imput. Im super sensitive to most meds. Docs have tried what seems like 100's of different ones. I feel strongly for me this is more a neuro thing than musclar. Nothing has worked for sleep. Im exhausted. Going to ask about Klonopin. Thanks!! Janana
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    All I can tell you is what I take for sleep, as for pain, the only thing that does not cause all kinds of problems for me, is OTC Advil gel capsules. No prescription meds at all anymore. The side effects just about killed me. Plus I only take the Advil if the pain is through the roof! I also have IBS, so have to be careful.

    Heres what I take for sleep;

    7pm Xanax (.25 milligrams) for racing brain syndrome. It calms me down before bed.

    9pm ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, and vitamin B-6)
    2 capsules. This has been a Godsend for me with deep, stage four sleep. Before starting the ZMA I was awake most all night, this went on most of my life. I started the ZMA 18 months ago, and have been sleeping for 7-8 hours a night without waking up, if I wake for a bathroom run, I go right back to sleep. Its amazing.(it does take about 10 days to 14 days to work completely, but its worth it!).

    Right before bed, 1 1/2 milligrams of Melatonin. This hormone helps me fall alseep in about half an hour.

    Many people here take the Klonopin instead of the Xanax and it has the same effect, along with the ZMA and the Melatonin.

    Both the supplements above; ZMA and Melatonin are sold here at Pro Health, you can go to the 'Store' link and read more about both of them.

    I also sleep on a Cuddle Ewe or a featherbed, with a 'mattress heating pad' on top of either one.

    The mattress heating pad is simply wonderful for the nightly pain and the morning stiffness. I could not live without one anymore. The Cuddle Ewe as well as a featherbed is so soft and gentle, that is a big asset to our poor aching bodies.

    I sure hope this helps you, as sleep is so very important to us. Our muscles heal while we are sleeping, and magnesim heals muscles, plus a few hundred other things in our bodies.

    I am a good 80% better now than when I was before I came here on this board.

    Let me know if I can help in anyway. Take care..........

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I don't know how long you've had your illness, I've had CFS for 9 years. I have definitely been and still am dependent on some meds. I don't know what I'd do if I had to quit Klonopin but I don't have to and I know it is good for the neuro stuff in my head.

    I've taken Ambien and much more than you, I was up to 4 or 5 a night along with the Klonopin, and Ativan. I also took Doxepin which really gives you a good nights sleep, I took it until just last month when I gave it up because I thought it was interfering with weight loss. I highly recommend it if you can't sleep through the night. Doxepin makes you groggy at first but you quickly get used to it and it doesn't do it anymore.

    Trazadone worked wonderful for about 2 weeks for me, then it just didn't work anymore.

    I don't know what Serax is, but I don't have muscle pain.

    Ambien is a hypnotic and puts you to sleep, Doxepin keeps you asleep in deep Phase 2 sleep. Klonopin, for me, is for my head tension.

    I believe I am definitely dependent on some meds but that's OK. With these illnesses you do what you have to and sleep is so important. I don't think you're taking enough Ambien to worry about, my doctor says in Europe 2 10 mg is the typical dosage and he doesn't worry about 3 either.

    When I get up to needing 4 I either switch to something else or I detox myself by stopping (sometimes weaning off dependingon the med) I go for a few nights without sleeping then my body corrects itself.

    I'm currently taking 1 Klonopin, 1 Ativan, 5 3 mg melatonin, 3 benedryl and if I don't fall asleep, a Dalmane.

    I always have to be on a merry go round since I quit Doxepin. I may start up again on 5 cc (get it in liquid form so you can control the dosage).

    Good luck,

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    hi-i know what you mean by no sleep.i only have the problem once in awhile now.have you tried taking a really warm bath and soaking in 3cups epson salt a7 3 cups peroxide?it really knocks me out at it just beforbed.
    good luck.
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    Thanks for all the info!! I am going to invest in a cuddle ewe pad but where can I get the heated mattress pad? Janana