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    Free medications are sometimes available from the pharmaceutical manufactures. Prescription medications are available to patients who do not have the means to pay for them and meet eligibility criteria for these services. Some of the manufactures are as follows:

    Allergan Prescription 800-347-4500

    Alza Pharmaceuticals 415-962-4243

    Amgen, Inc. 800-272-9376

    Astra USA, Inc. 800-488-3247

    Berlex 800-423-7539

    Boehringer Ingleheim 203-798-4131

    Bristol Myers Squibb 800-736-0003

    Burroughs-Wellcome 800-722-9294

    Ciba Pharmaceuticals 800-257-3273

    Eli-Lilly 317-276-2950

    Genetech, Inc. 800-879-4747

    Glaxo, Inc. 800-452-7677

    Hoechst-Roussel 800-776-5463

    Hoffman-Larouche 800-526-6367

    Ici-Stuart 302-886-2231

    Immunex Corp. 800-321-4669

    Janssen 800-253-3682

    Johnson & Johnson 800-447-3437

    J&J (Janssen) 908-524-9409

    Knoll 800-526-0710

    Lederle 800-526-7870

    Marion Merrel Dow 800-362-7466

    McNeil Pharmaceut. 800-682-6532

    Merck Human Health 800-672-6372

    Miles 800-998-9180

    Ortho Pharmaceuitcals 800-682-6532

    Parke-Davis 202-540-2000

    Pfizer, Inc. 800-646-4455

    Pharmacia, Inc. 800-795-9759

    Proctor & Gamble 800-448-4878

    Rhone-Poulenc Rorer 610-454-8298

    Roche Labs 800-285-4484

    Roxane Labs 800-274-8651

    Sandoz 800-937-6673

    Sanofi Winthrop 800-446-6267

    Schering Labs 800-521-7157

    Searle 800-542-2526

    Serono 617-982-9000

    Smithkline Beecham 800-546-0420

    Survanta Lifeline 800-922-3255

    Syntex Labs 800-822-8255

    3M Pharmaceuticals 800-328-0255

    UpJohn Co. 800-242-7014

    Wyeth-Ayerst 703-706-5933

    Zeneca Pharmaceuticals 800-424-372
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    I'm putting it in my valuable info file.
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    this is a great list.

    I just wanted to add anyone can just ask their physician and he should let the person in the office in charge of this help you with the forms. Usually you only need a copy of you tax return.


    Karen :)
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    to do this

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    google and find this website Free Medicine Program dot com I think
    they ahve a program that you send in your doctors name adn your meds write down all you meds your on ,then you send them $5 per script and they will send it to you or your doctor .They will go throough and find out what drug company will he lp you with each medicaatation. MY mom is on it and it really works and she gets most of her meds from them , It used to be called the Medicine Program .

    They will send you a 3 months supply of your meds, I am not sure about the narcoitcs my mom has just sent those in and I am sure that they will help out with them also.

    Some meds like narcotics can be sent in a voucher form that willbe the amount you will need for 3 months at a time and then they send a new voucher for you.But it is sent to the doctors office and some times the meds are sent to your doctor also and you have to go and pick them up.

    But it really works. IF they can't help you and find the conmpany that makes your meds they will refund your $5.00 to you. But they try hard to make a good match.
    MOm loves is as it saves her so much money and it better than the medicare programs as it does not cost any thing every month. And some of those programs are spendy each month.

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    I found The medicine program for my Mom who is in her 70" and does not use the coumpter much anad this was the best thing for her as when she tried to look up each meds pharmacudail coumpany it was so confusing for her. AS some meds are generic and some are not and some times she could not find what company made what .

    so I found this program and for her she rather pay the $5.00 per script one time per new medicatation .Than to have to spend time hunting for each company. There is also a book some where that tells you about all the programs to get aid for your medications but of course I am having one of those days where I don't remember what it's name was.

    All you really need to do is to do a search on free/no/low cost medications and it will give you so many different programs that may help you.

    Thanks for the info as knowledge is a wonderful thing. I don't qualify for any of them but it is still nice to know about these programs so that you can maybe help some one find help to get the meds they need.
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    She does not understand how to got from site to site. And when I have gotten her on a site like needy meds , she struggled with matching the pharmicual company with the meds she is on.

    So I found for her the Medicine Program that matched all the meds and compainies for her and it was easier for her to just pay the $5.00 and have someone else look then up and match them and get them approved .

    It was so much easier for her to have it all done with just one program where she didn't have to struggle with getting each med matched with the compainies programs and get it all approved. That is all I was saying.
    She does not know much about the web just her e-mail and that is it. So I do the rest of it for her.

    When I found the site for the Medscine program it was with a list of other programs and I searhed each one out and for my mother who does not understand how to get from one site to another and gets irratated when she can't match the company that makes her meds and then she would have to get approved by them too. It was just some thing that she felt was easier to have someone else do all the work for her.

    I didn't mean to start such a contersvery over which program is better. I just wanted to get it out there and I was glad that you suggested the other program too. AS there is a need for this and where I live I have never had a doctor tell me any thing about a pharmacicuiltal{SP} helping any one. Even my pain doctor was not aware of these types of programs.

    And for the ladies that my mom talks with are all don't use a computer as they are too confuseing and the medicare programs are very spendy as most programs cost up to $30.00 a month and then you have a co-pay that can range from 20,30,-up 40 % ,and that is still costing them too much.And mom's friends and my aunt feel that they are not that much help for seinors. But then that is their thoughts not mine.

    Sorry for the mis understanding, I don't want to confuse any one. I just thought that I could help some one a bit to save them some money. I didn't mean to confuse every one.
    Rosemarie[This Message was Edited on 07/09/2006]
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    to say that most physician's offices do know about these patient assistance programs. It is unfortunate that a lot of offices do not want to be bothered with them.

    I would still ask about them because you never know unless you ask. They will probably not volunteer the information.

    I have worked in a few physician's and did volunteer in several while in school and all had the forms but none (for some reason) ever told the patients about them. The patients had to ask.

    I had never heard about them until then...boggles the mind.

    This was several years ago before advertising on TV.

    Have a great day :)


    Karen :)

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