meds suddenly stop working-anyone else HELP!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ScooterD, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. ScooterD

    ScooterD New Member

    I'm very frustrated right now - and my dogs don't seem to have the answers or suggestions to help me through this so I'm calling a "SOS" to all of you...

    With the majority of medications I have tried to date, their effectiveness suddenly stops within 7-10 days. It doesn't matter if it's for sleep, pain, inflammation, etc. Obviously this isn't like taking something long term and working up a tolerance level so an increase of dosage is needed. Or at least I wouldn't think that could happen in just a week's time! It is so frustrating because I finally find relief and think "this is it! it really helps!" and literally overnight it's done...over...finished. If I do increase my dosage it never works. It's so bizarre. Anyone else experience this on/off switch???

    Thanks in advance for your reply!
  2. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    And I am soooo frustrated with the whole thing.
    I can go a couple of weeks were I would feel sorta well and then bam, the pain is back, no more sleeping...and like you
    I increase my dosages and still not your not alone.
  3. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    I build tolerance to everything very quickly and I have increased my dosages beyond what I am supposed to take at times, still to no avail. I have given up and found the best thing is to take a particular med only once every few days or once a week and then if I am lucky it might work. No good for day to day pain and insomnia relief though :-(

    Hugs Bunchy x
  4. ScooterD

    ScooterD New Member

    I guess in a way it's comforting to know I'm not alone. Thanks for your replies.
    I'm wondering if it would work to rotate meds. Sounds like you have tried Bunchy - no go huh? I've increased knowing dang well it isn't a good idea to do so but some days I get so desperate it seems worth it to try. No use continuing that "theory" - it never makes a difference if I take one or three of my meds. Amazing tho' how much I can take without more effect than if I took a baby aspirin. I would guess a "normal" would be out cold for days. Well...another great mystery for us to live with. If anyone finds out reasons behind this or has suggestions please keep me in mind.

    Every night I pray tomorrow they'll work again...I'll pray the same for all of you too. Take care.

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