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    Well, hello everyone. I've been prescribed Lexapro (depression), which I've been on for a few months, now I've also been prescribed Flexeril (sp?) (for my back/legs) about 3 weeks ago. I tend to take this type of meds at night, cause it sure makes me sleepy. But both say to take as "needed". Don't think I could funtion taking these 3x's a day. Should I be taking these together when I go to bed??????? Will ask my PC, but was just curious. Just had a MRI of the lower back, but have not heard back from the Dr. yet.


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    Hi Lynn,
    Your Lexapro says "take as needed"? At any rate, yes you can take Flexiril and Lexapro at the same time. I've been prescribed both in the past and was told there was no problem. I do not like to give medical advice - but I'll bet your Dr. will tell you it's perfectly okay, especially since he prescribed, Im assuming already knowing you're taking Lexapro.
    You can always call your pharmacy by the way if you can't get a hold of your Dr.

    If you can't "function" on the Flexiril but need relief during the day, can you split it in half?

    Are you saying the Lexapro makes you sleepy as well? If not have you considered taking that in the morning?

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    I have no idea why your lexapro says to take as needed.....that is not one to play around with.....needs to be taken consistently and gone off of slowly, not at all good to just take randomly as needed, and I have never heard of any SSRI ever being prescribed in such a way....too much of that stuff is not safe (SSRI syndrome) and abrupt withdrawal is not either.....I would definitely ask your dr about that
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    Thank you for the reply. I guess I did not give my info correct. My Lexapro says take 1x a day. The flexeril says 3x day as needed. I asked my PC a while back if I could take the lexapro at night as it does make me a little sleepy. She said yes. Then a while later, after going back to her for my back problems, she put me on the Flexeril (sp?). So I've been taking them both at night cuz the flexeril really kicks my to sleep. I have ben only taking that at night, none in the day time. I'm afraid to take it during the day, cuz i sleep enough as it is. Maybe like Janalyn said, I could try `1/2 during the day and see what it does. Sorry, if this is hard to understarnd, my darn brain, and fingers are not working togetther, LOL. Thanks, again, and have a nice day!