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    My 74 year old mother's Dr. just recently had his license suspended. She will need to find a new Dr. in VA Beach. I am concerned about her recent med combination Morning: Celebrex 100mg, Lyrica 100mg, Effexor 150 mg. Afternoon: Celebrex 100mg, Lyrica 100 mg, Colchicine .6mg. Dinner: Risperdal: .25 mg. Evening Lyrica .75 mg, Risperdal .25mg. Does anyone take this combination? What is you experience? Any good Dr's in VA Beach/Norfolk area? She will not take any narcotics.
  2. glenda2

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    bumping for info
  3. 3gs

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    Did her doctor who was suspened give this combo to her?

    I don't know about the combo but I feel a little worried about her age and this much medication.

    Have you asked your pharamist about interactions? Why won;t she take narcotics? My dad was the same way, it took alot of confincing...
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    I don't take that combination but I do take a long list of medications myself.

    If you are concerned I would call the pharmacist and ask if there is any need for worry.

    Also when you find a new doctor they will also look over all the meds your mom is on.

    DAYCAREMOM123 New Member

    Yes her Dr. prescribed this combo. He was suspended the beginning of August and is awaiting a formal hearing in September. Basically it addresses his prescribing narcotics sometimes 2 to 3 on the same day and letting the patient determine what is best. Several patients have died of overdose and or have had to be admitted to a detox center. Although on a forum his patients seem to love him and state he is one of the few Dr.s who will listen and have helped them. I don't know if he is just on the cutting edge or what. Of course he hopes to be re-instated. I just feel like my mother needs to move on . Even with the combo he prescribed she does not get all that much relief. Narcotics make her very sick and not able to function so they are out.
  6. msSusan

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    Why would Celebrex taken with Lyrica cause increased muscle pain?

    I take 200-300mg day of celebrex and am considering adding in a low dose of lyrica. I saw someone else post that they had increased muscle pain with lyrica but didn't mention interaction with other meds.

    Insomnia, 24/7 headaches and muscle pain are my main FM issues.

  7. Janalynn

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    I've read about this Dr. He has a lot of supporters!
    Personally, maybe I'm a little more liberal, but I don't think she takes that many meds in terms of #.
    Colchicine (what is that?)
    Risperdal (don't know what that is either)

    Is she having problems? I would check one of the drug interaction websites or talk to your pharmacist. My pharmacist alerts me if I'm ever prescribed something that I shouldn't take with something else I've already been prescribed.

    Is this combo NOT working? Maybe when you find a new doctor they will have better options or suggestions?

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