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    I was diagnosed with fibro this year and started with Lyrica, but that caused my ankles to swell. Went to Cymbalta, but side effects were horrible. Now I am on Savella, but starting with pain again (skin is very tender). I was wondering if there is anything else out there. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I don't have Fibro, but here on ProHealth is a board for Fibro where I suggest you post your question. The people on that ProHealth Fibro board are quite knowledgeable and have so many resources. I think you'll like the people there and find good and helpful info. Take care.
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    are not the answer, pharma pushes them and makes $$$ but people end up with all the horrible side effects.....

    So many on the FM/CFS board have discussed these 3 can move this over to that board and get more replies and you can also go into the search and find results from members on these drugs.....

    I've never and would never take them, use all supps for the FM and OA issues I deal with......