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    I recently received an online educational activity from Medscape, a professional education service for physicians, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, etc. The topic was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: From Diagnosis to Management. The contents of this activity included pre-assesment, diagnosis, case studies, managing symptoms, etc.
    There was much content in this activity that was positive, especially where it was mentioned that CFS is NOT a psychiatric illness, that there is definitive proof that there are biological abnormalities found in CFS patients, how debiltating the illness itself is, and strategies to reduce symptoms. There seems to be a shift in thinking happening now amongst the traditional medical community, as this Medscape service targets traditional physicians, keeping them up-to-date on new modalities and paradigms.
    This is all good for us; hopefully, eventually there will be less prejudice for CFS patients when they see their physicians. Seems like we may be headed in the right direction in that sense, anyway, though I know there is a ways to go before all docs will not see us as head cases.
    The not-so-good regarding this activity is that they really didn't suggest anything new; their take on treatment and diagnosis was the same old same old - ruling out other illness, treating for sleep (which is important), using analgesics or narcotics for pain, cognitive behavior therapy, avoidance of overexertion, and of course, using anti-depressants. They did note that patients with CFS have a lower tolerance for meds, which was good to see. However, there was no mention of any of the latest theories or therapies being tried by many of us -anti-virals, antibiotics, methylation block, leaky gut, Rnase-L testing, antibody titers, etc.
    I guess for our illness, anyway, the patients are still ahead of the curve, and it looks like it is still up to us to inform those that are treating us to be open-minded about new treatments. I tried to do my part by completing the educational activity - this allowed me to give feedback to the authors, and I did mention how important it is to feature CFS more often and be aware of guys like Drs. Montoya, DeMeirleir, Lerner, Cheney, etc., and the cutting edge of research that has been going on for some time now. But at least we are finally getting some measure of validity through articles\activities such as this one; seems like it's been a long time coming.
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    excellent post- good news. i will look it up and pass it on to my ignorant friends--- who happen to be a nurse, and a physician assistant!!!

    thanks for posting this and best of luck to you in improved health,
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    This information about CFS on Medscape was put out there by the CFIDS Association of America.

    I was just getting ready to post on a conversation that I had yesterday with the fundraiser at CFIDS Ass'n and I had asked her what they are doing to educate the physicians.

    She said that they put together this training course on Medscape for physicians to earn CME's. I was thrilled to hear it and she said that any of us could also view it if we wished. I had not looked it up yet but am glad that you came across it and thought it was positive.

    The CFIDS Association of America ( works from donations and concentrates its efforts in three areas - educating the public, educating physicians, and promoting research. It only costs $35 to become a member and further our cause!!

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