Meeting others that have FM

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    or has a friend or relative with it. I have met so many people that FM, or CFS.....My dentist, his wife has FM, the dental assistants wife has it also...Now I have met my daughter's boyfriend's mother that has FM...She is a nurse in a hospital where we live.....also the school nurse where I work told me she has FM....My psychologist also...has FM and CFS..

    It is almost a relief to hear these people tell me confirms to me that we have a valid is real! It just amazes me that there are so many. These people do not look ill to the casual observer...

    I know that I dress and put on make-up everyday, it is not easy...I start thinking about the pain as I look in the mirror....then tears start to fall...a person can feel so alone with this DD...I start to worry if I can keep my job,
    if the pain will be so bad next day, month, year..and I won't be able to function....does anyone else feel this way?

    I don't feel too bad today, I had an injection in my hip Friday that has helped the bursitis, I will be getting a second round of lumbar injections for the DDD...I know when the DDD is bad all symptoms of FM are made worse....Just a little improvement in pain can work wonders...I am not pain free but, a 4-5 is alot better then the 9-10 I was having...thanks for reading if you even read this far...Blessings,

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    Hi Cindy,

    I have DDD (Dx'd in November of 2004 w/Spine Spondylitis),and Fm just Dx'd a few weeks ago. I can relate to all you are going through ... I have had the ESI shots in my spine this past spring and it has helped me termendously. I can finally feel my feet and walk upright again. I have had lots of other pain and difficulties since and that is when I was dx'd with FM. I would love to hear back from you when you have finished all your shots to see how well they have worked for you. Many people I have talked to say it didn't help at all and regret the painful injections. I have had a hard time at work and was recently let go from my duties. I still am trying to deal with all the Medications and flares ups that I am having. I didn't realize that they could last so long.

    I am happy to hear that you have a network of people that you can talk to when you need advise or have concerns other then your doctor. When you actually have the desease it is much easier to help others out. It does make a world of difference.

    I understand what you are going through, I find it difficult myself to wake up and walk to the kitchen for a cup of coffee; taking a shower may take me the whole day to work up the energy.

    Please take care of yourself and always remember, God loves you!

    God Bless!

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    Hi Cindy,

    You're not alone.. I'm feeling exactly the same. This summer has been one big, lonnng flare, and my ability to cope has been lacking lately. I think that tears are a good thing, though.. it's a release.

    I too, wonder how long I can work. Next week, I go back, but only for 4 hours a day, 3 days a week...

    I'd like to hear more about the DDD injections: sounds pretty scary, but I'm getting desperate to try anything. Do they do them also, if there are herniated disks involved? (have two of those, along with the DDD)

    I hope you have some good days, real soon..

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    I fell the same way you do. I hurt just like you, I have
    FM and the pain I have makes me went to just die some times.I had to go for injection, for my back [3 pinch nerve] they cost a lot over money but I can get dress, set and read on my comp. I'm about 6 on a good day and a 3 on a bad day.
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    To all of you that replied, Thank you!
    Crying is good I agree sometimes that is all we can do, and it is a good release.

    I know that the lumbar injections do help me, I had one 8 months ago and it has helped tremendously...the pain in the hips, buttocks and leg are just getting to the point of needing it again. Everyone is so different in what works and what does not. You never know until you try.

    I go to a Pain Management Doctor who happens to be an ansthesiologist, he seems to like to do the injections.
    I am glad I go to him he has helped alot.

    I do not know about hernated discs, but I do have disc bulging. You would have to ask the doctor about it.
    Take Care all,