Meeting with a lawyer Monday...need advice

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    Ok, this is new to me.My husband went to a very good attorneys office today.She specializes in getting ssi and ssdi for people.

    My main reason for disability is my bipolar and severe depression along with the FM and Raynauds.

    My husband was told that there were other ways of getting assitance out there other than ssdi and ssi.

    Any of you know what he may mean?

  2. JLH

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    If I remember correctly, you can not qualify for SSDI because you do not have enough work credits. And, you don't have a low enough income because your husband works, or either has an income over the allowed amount. If I am not mistaken, if you qualify for SSI, you total assets cannot be more than $2,000. (Look at the Soc Sec website, or call them tomorrow, to see what the assets include--like your house, car, money in bank, monthly income, etc.)

    As far as I know, there is no other way to qualify for SSDI or SSI.

    No matter HOW GOOD this attorney is supposed to be on getting SSDI and SSI benefits for people, no lawyer or anybody else can help you get it IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY BY SOCIAL SECURITY'S RULES.

    If somebody else has told you that you can get assistance out there other than SSDI and SSI, a lawyer is not the place to go, you should contact your Department of Social Services, or Welfare Department -- I don't know what it is called in your state.

    The assistance would have to come from State programs, not federal. Soc. Sec. is the federal programs and you do not qualify. If you think you might, call your local office or the 1-800 number and talk to them.

    Do all of your calling Thursday and Friday, BEFORE YOU SPEND MONEY TO SEE AN ATTORNEY ON MONDAY and end up wasting your money when she tells you that SS can't help you and go talk to your welfare dept.

    My daughter's mother-in-law was a really ill woman. She has major heart problems and a ton of other problems. She tried to get SSDI and could not due to not enough work credits. She was told by SS that she could not qualify for SSI either since her husband worked. So, she was just out of luck. Her hubby paid a fortune for her medical copays, etc. until her heart got so weak that she went into kidney failure. When her kidneys failed, she was immediately put on kidney dialysis.

    Now, SSDI has that one exception--kidney dialysis--because it is a form of life support. Even if you have never worked, but you go into kidney failure and go on dialysis, you are automatically approved for disability. So then, she was immediately approved. She stayed on dialysis 6 months before she died of heart & kidney failure. THIS IS WHY SSDI approves people on dialysis--they don't live very long. I was already aware of these rules because my father died before she did from end stage renal failure (kidney failure) and was also on dialysis.

    So ... back to your problelm. Get your phone book out tomorrow and see what your Dept of Human Services, Dept of Social Services, Welfare Dept, is called and call for an appointment to discuss your case. Tell them on the phone that you have to know if you would qualify for something before Monday because of your Atty appt. -- maybe they could tell you over the phone before you go for your appt.

    When talking with them, ask if you are eligible for heating assistance, food stamps, any other assistance on water or electric bills, etc. Also, our Salvation Army gives food commodities out every month if you have your proof of income with you and qualify. Also call your city or county health dept. (depends on if you life in city or county) and ask them if they have any programs that your children could qualify for. I think ours gives out WIC coupons for food for all children under 5. They also have medical insurance programs for children. They may have some type of medical clinics that you and/or you husband could go to.

    Hope some of this info helps.

  3. 69mach1

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    but i am with the other person....

    welfare? charities and churches? i don't know what they ar talking about...


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