Mega Doses Vit C for Pain

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    issue related to Canola oil, which is man made for the most part....

    There are many more issues too, but eye disease is one...

    Don't trust so much of the food industry.....follow the $$$ trail.
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    some folks on another group use MSM drops, one can buy them already in dropper form, but if one makes up MSM solution as I do, one can just splash or drop some of these drops in the eyes.... I'm going to start this, my eyes are basically good just old....

    In Dr. Jacobs book: Sulphur has a long tradition of healing and throughout history physicians have prescribed mineral hot springs rich in sulphur to their infirm patients. [This Message was Edited on 11/28/2012]
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    Hi Jam,

    Here is a website link regarding high dose Vit C and stenosis and pain:

    Hope this is helpful - my Mom has stenosis so I am on the look out for help as well as, pain relief ideas!

    God Bless,

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    but there is info on it for sure....can be confusing.

    I'm dealing with the spinal stenosis since hip replacement and it's been shear misery for the last 2 yrs, but getting "some" help with acupuncture for my issues....going for my 14th treatment this week.

    Not a cure, but it's helping,,,surgery is the last thing I want to pursue as this hip surgery did me in.

    And I have a holistic type rheumy who works with pain and does not push the drugs....

    So, I stick with her and keep plugging life has changed a lot but a surgery can't be undone.
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    Hi Jaminhealth and everyone,

    I just thought I would put what happened to me out old Dr., a rheumy and Lyme doc put me on intravenous vit. C. It was more for the fatigue than the pain. It did help with my energy at first, but as the treatments went on they became extremely painful. Looking back I feel foolish for even continuing. I have never felt excruciating pain like that. I only did the IV's for about a month....once or twice a week, but in that time my veins went bad. Now it is very hard to have blood drawn. My rolling veins are hiding deep in my arms. This may be rare, but I wanted to put it out there.

    My next doc had me do a vitamin C flush. I really think the doctors I have seen are sadists. : o ...kidding.....but woweeee was that awful.

    Having said all that, I am not anti-vit. C. It sounds like it can really help some people.


    Jamin, I am so sorry about the surgery. It sounds like one of those instances where the cure may do more harm than good.[This Message was Edited on 12/03/2012]