Megadoses of Magnesium?

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  1. CaroKay

    CaroKay Member

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums. Recently, I went to a naturopath, who recommended high doses of magnesium to help me with my very broken sleep. Specifically, I was prescribed 780 mg. of magnesium daily. I've actually been taking about 300 mg. a day for years, and without ill effects. On the high dose, my sleep did start to improve, but within a week the gastrointestinal effects were severe, and I went off the magnesium altogether. When I told the naturopath about my unpleasant symptoms, she suggested that maybe I actually had a bug and that CFS patients should be able to tolerate doses up to 1000 mg. per day. Has anyone had any experiences, good or bad, with high doses of magnesium? My understanding is that about 350 mg. per day is usually considered the upper limit, so I'm a bit surprised my naturopath hit me with such a whopping big dose.
  2. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Magnesium is known to cause a laxative effect at higher doses.

    Magnesium comes in many different forms though, and some cause this effect easier than others.

    You may want to try magnesium glycinate if you haven't already, and divide the doses during the day.

    However, don't take minerals like magnesium close to other medications or supplements (usually within 2 hrs) or it could interfere with their absorption.

    You may want to try ReMag, which is pico-ionic magnesium. It is completely absorbed at the cellular level, unlike other forms of magnesium. It is a liquid that was developed by Dr Carolyn Dean, who studied magnesium.
  3. CaroKay

    CaroKay Member

    It's a combination of citrate and glycinate. I know that the glycinate isn't supposed to bother your stomach. Did you find that you had to work up to the high dose gradually? And how do you feel it's benefiting you?
  4. CaroKay

    CaroKay Member

    My previous questions were for jaminhealth. I didn't see your advice when I was replying, Nanie46, as we must have been replying at the exact same time. I'm definitely going to look into the ReMag. Thank you for the tip. After taking a week off from both the citrate and the glycinate, I went back on the glycinate and am taking it at much lower doses for the moment, but it's not helping my sleep that much.
  5. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    CaroKay, I agree with Nanie that it could be the type of magnesium that you are taking that is causing the problem. I take 1,000 mg per day (in divided doses) without any problems.
  6. spiritsky

    spiritsky Member

    I used to take magnesium every night (Magnesium chloride) about 500 mg to 1000mg....never noticed any side effects but it did help me to relax. Don't need it anymore, but I still take a little "brahmi" for sleep as it helps to calm the mind.
  7. CaroKay

    CaroKay Member

    Jaminhealth, I am interested in what sleep combo you use. I see Prohealth offers a formulation, and I'm tempted to try it, as the ratings for it are pretty high. Will be heading to the sleep clinic this week to have my sleep assessed, which should be an interesting experience. It seems to me I wake up a million times a night. It's pretty hard to feel better under the circumstances. Thanks to everyone who commented. I am splitting my doses up more, and I think that helps. I'll work my way up to higher doses and try to find a form I can tolerate more easily.
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