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    I saw in a post that you were from Baton Rouge . . . me, too.

    I was born (61 yrs. ago) and raised in this city, and I'll never live anywhere else. It's my home. Most of my family lives here, too; except my youngest son . . . he lives in Houston (so not too far); he works for Shell International.

    I'm so sorry you were dx'd so young w/this DD. Sounds like you have lots of spunk though . . . so, don't ever let this DD be your identify. I'm very lucky in many way; I didn't have problems until I was 55.

    I'm curious about who your rheumy is . . . you seem to have a lot of faith in her. I see Dr. John Marshall at the B.R. Clinic; he's sort of a no nonsense (N.Y.) dr. Hey, New Yorkers . . . I love you all! And, since I've developed a relationship with him over the past 3 yrs, I feel I can trust him with my problems (even if he and I sometimes don't agree).

    Well, megchampagne, you take care.

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