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    What kind of work have you done in the past?

    This time of year is generally when Job Fairs start popping up or (at least where I live in Idaho) Here the local state college is sponsoring a
    Career Connections Day Conference and they have about 8 different speakers from various places in this area--college professor, someone from the Employment officem several people are self-employed. During the day they will have mini workshops on about 10 different subjects.

    Sorry I got a little windy there, but do check with your local employment service, Temporary Agencies. One last thing, do you have any idea what kind of refernce your last job is giving you to prospective employers?

    Every state has different laws on what info can be given out on a past employee--your employment office should be able to tell you what the rules are for that.

    Do you have a good resume done and do you know how to write good cover letters?

    Well, hopefully I gave you some helpfull ideas.

    Good Luck!!!
  2. Meghanne

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    Thanks for thinking of me. I'm getting plenty of interviews, just not the salary I was at, well..not even close actually. I work in inside sales. I'm waiting to here on one that went well, has the salary, and that I REALLY could sink my teeth in. I had two interviews for it already. I'm praying hard for this one.

    So the resume's are working, the cover letters and thank yous etc. Salary seems to be the biggest problem. I can take a cut, but some of these are offering me half of what I was at. And being single right now, that just won't cover the bills. I've got some savings still, but we're getting close. :(


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