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    Well, folks, it seems that I am down again.
    I got my meds adjusted last tuesday after not being able to sleep for a while. The meds hit and miss. Some evenings they work and some evenings they don't. I can't understand what the difference is. So, I'm still not sleeping.

    Despite the no sleep, I was doing fairly well, and even got out over the weekend to do some things. it is monday and I couldn't do anything. Walking across the house wore me out. This really kinda depresses me because I felt like I was doing better. I wasn't able to get any homework done today, which made me feel like I'm sabotaging my grades, even though I know I can't help it. I've already had to drop one class, now it looks like I'll be dropping two more, and I'm fearing all failing grades for this grading period.

    Also I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I haven't been in about three years so I'm really scared. I never liked the dentist to begin with, but now I'm afraid I'll have cavities and so on.

    On a brighter note, at least my friend was able to come over today.

    Sorry...I just had to get all this out.
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    I'm so sorry you're feeling so down. Please don't be so hard on yourself. Like you said, it's not your fault, you can't help it right now. It really sounds to me like you are overloading yourself.

    I totally agree with Donnaeil, good advice.

  3. nerdieduckie

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    Thanks you all!
    I did rent a video yesterday but ended up too tired to watch it, but I've spent most of my time in my warm blanket haha. It's getting cold around here...and then hot...and then cold...and then warm...etc. Stupid weather, lol.

    I'm very, very good at being hard on myself. I've had years of practice, and now it's very hard to learn how to undo. I'm used to going-going-going. At least I've already been smart enough to admit I need to drop to a lower level of one of my classes. I hate proving teachers right but I had to do what's best.

    But thankies again :) Am in a slightly better mood today I think (except for that dentist appt lurking around the corner)

  4. NyroFan

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    It is good that you got all of that out. i do the same thing.

    i hope your sleeping problem gets resolved. i know that not having a good, refreshing, restorative sleep makes me a very painful person.

    Sleep is so important. I hope you get a real good rest!

  5. Luxuria

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    Hey there Jen

    Sorry you have been feeling down, I get like that sometimes too when I haven't been able to sleep and there is a lot of stress giving me more pain. It is nice to meet you though, glad to see I'm not the only young one on the board with Fibro (I'm 22)

    I hear you about the dentist, I used to have a HUGE dental phobia, I didn't go for years and years. When I finally did go back last year I needed a root canal and was so scared that I didnt sleep at all the night before. I felt pretty proud of myself when it was all over though and I did it! :) The dentist however treated me really bad and I dont go to him anymore. My new dentist is great though and really helped me get over my fears. I find that it does help if you tell them you're nervous. My dentist lets me bring my Ipod so I can listen to music while he works, it really helps me relax. He lets my husband come in the room too which is always nice. Maybe you can bring something (or someone) with you?

    I know what you mean about being worn out and not able to do things you could before. It is so frustrating, especially for young people like us with an active lifestyle. I think we still need to learn more coping mechanisims.

    I'm around if you want to talk.

  6. Bambi

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    but I take Trazedone about an hour before bed. I tried 50mg. first, then 100mg and finally found the perfect
    amount for me was 150mg.. I have a cousin who is a nurse and she is the one that told me about it. They use it in the hospital for patients with
    insomnia. I think the top dose is something like 300mg or maybe even 600mg..I know I thought it sounded like a lot.

    Anyway, some people are drowsy the next morning, but it has never done that to me, and others I've talked to said they had that wear off after about two weeks of use. Some just didn't want to keep trying it and stopped. It might be worth trying anyway.

    It helps me GET to sleep and STAY asleep but still allows me to wake up if I need to. Just a suggestion and of course you'd have to see what your doctor has to say. It isn't much good for an antideppresant for most people but if it works for sleep it works.

    I forgot to add that I'd had insomnia since I was a baby according to my mother. I had it all through school and it was VERY hard for me to stay awake during the day at school. In fact in the early years of school the nurse always had the bed ready for me for an afternoon nap. I suppose they thought I had problems at home or something but I didn't at all.
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