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    Thanks for answering my ZMA ? but the Neurontin was causing to much other pain. When I even took 100 mg. I got really bad headaches, body aches and shooting pains all over my body. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and I honestly can not take anything. Also most medicenes have the lactose in it and that really kills me. I have the reaction to all the "ose" stuff in Most medicenes and I pay dearly when I take that stuff. I tried Ambien last summer and it nearly killed me w/ headaches and really bad shooting/stabbing pains all over my body. The minute I quit taking this stuff it quits. I'm basically on the Lorcet 10 5 times/day and its helping but I have the breakthru pain. I was on the Neurontin only for 5 weeks and at a very low dose. So I'm trying to find other ways to sleep and cope w/ pain. Read my profile you'll understand about my pain. Major wreck and FMS. Thanks a bunch...Hugs!!!! Pamela