Melatonin Article- Question about Lux & kW???

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    I read the article about light disruption of melatonin that PH has currently running at the top of the board.

    I know this has been known for a long time... it has also been said that reading a book by "typical" (maybe 60 w or 75 w bulb?) light is better of course than TV or computer as the light emittance is much different.

    But... as I commented on PH's reposting of the article at

    From what I read, the dim light used in this experiment was less than 3 lux. Also from what I read, "lux is unit for measuring the illumination (illuminance) of a surface. It is the amount of light received per unit of surface area. You can't convert watt, which is power, to Lux. But you can convert lux to watts/meter sq. 1Lux = 0.001496 watts/sq. meter or 1 lux=0.0001389 watts/sq foot."

    But what does that really mean, in real terms... sit in a darkly painted room by the light of a 25 or 50 watt bulb? - if so, for how long can one read (assuming large type for me)... or what is possible to do?

    For me, falling asleep always took at least 45-60 minutes all my life; now I take supplemental melatonin which helps greatly thankfully, but always trying to help myself in every which way.

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  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'm pretty fuzzy with headaches, but thinking that would end up that way... I find the article interesting but rather mystifying because how are we supposed to be wandering around in the dark before bedtime. It would equal what it used to take me to go to sleep, usually 45-60 minutes+, and now forever unless I do take melatonin.

    I actually tried one time just using a few candles after dark when my daughter was having problems, but that didn't work for her at all. Or for me....

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