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  1. sallys

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    I've been told by a GP that Melatonin should help me sleep, but that it isn't available in Australia - but i could order over the internet.

    I then phoned a vitamin shop and they say they have homeopathic melatonin - is this the same as the melatonin spoken about here.

    i am desperately tired and feel that i haven't slept in ages. the minute i put my head on the pillow the battle begins. but my body is too tired to even get up to use the time constructively.

    any help would be appreciated.

  2. Rosiebud

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    I order my melatonin from the States (live in UK). I'm not sure how much it helps me but I also take an antihistamine at night along with magnesium, zinc and B6 for painful legs and I sleep better than I did before. Not right through and I have some bad nights still, but it's an improvement.

    Sorry but I dont know if homeopathic melatonin is the same.

  3. becc

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    Hi sallys,

    Where are you in Australia? I'm in Adelaide and there's one pharmacy here that has melatonin on prescription. It's not on the PBS but I don't think it's too expensive. I've had it and was helped for a while.. I'm going to try it again soon.

    If you're in SA, I can check the name of the pharmacy and let you know. I'm not sure if they'd be able to send it interstate..

    Bec :)
  4. sallys

    sallys New Member

    I'm in Victoria - but will check with a pharmacy here, my regular GP is back next week and she will know for sure.

    i have looked into it before but can't remember what i found out - too tired to think straight.
  5. butterfly8

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    Melatonin MIGHT help you sleep and you can certainly get it in australia. I can get it in Brisbane from a local compounding chemist with a script from my doctor.

    I have not tried the homeopathic melatonin because my doc. said not to bother as he did not think it would work.

    Depending where you are and if you can not get it locally, I know you can order over the phone from Stenlake chemist in Sydney: you would have to have a script. I used to get it there before it became available in Qld. Their phone no. is 02 9387 3205 but I think you should be able to find a local compounding chemist. However, it must be a compounding chemist and not just an ordinary one. A compounding chemist actually puts the meds. together rather than just takes them out of prepared bottles.

    I get 6 mg capsules and usually take 2 when I take it. My body builds up a tolerance to it very quickly so I only take it occasionally. The strength you need is influenced by things like body weight, personal sensitivity etc. Good luck. I hope it helps you.
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