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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hyderNZ, Apr 13, 2006.

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    I'm a new member to this board and am excited to see what I might learn.
    I've been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since I was 15 and have recently been diagnosed at the age of 20.

    My sleep patterns are irregular so I asked my GP for some Melatonin to help.
    I took 3mg last night and didn't get 1 minute of sleep (which has only happened once before)

    Does anyone know why this might have happened? Do I already have too much Melatonin in my system?

    Any help is appreciated
  2. sues1

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    Some us magnesium with good results. Or Dr. can give you something for sleep. I am sure you will get various replies on this question.

    Welcome to the board. I checked your profile and nothing was in it yet. I would love to know the state you live in and a little about you.

    You do not have to give info that IDs you, but enough to learn a little about you...just as we would any new friend.

  3. neeter1

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    It may take more than one time of taking it to help you.. have been taking melatonin for YEARS and it's been a godsend for me. I take the 3 mg. also.
  4. wildflowers2

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    Hi, something I was not aware of was de toxing my body of caffine!!!!

    I have one reg cup of jave in the am.

    Then I have caffine FREE tea,soda, coffee and yes I have to stay away from chocolate at nite or I am up ALL nite long.

    I drink insteas of soda seltzer water the cheap stuff.

    I open a can of soda pour some in my cup then add the cheap
    seltzer walter also sodium free.

    Kinda feels I am getting more for my money!

    Now the melatonin part.....after all that at nite I take one an hr b4 bed and I am out like a light.

    good luck


    I add the reg water to the bubble water to jazz it up a bit.

    I tend to drink more too and finally started to loose weight.
  5. Pianowoman

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    My Naturopath told me that the research shows that taking smaller amounts is more effective. For while I took 1/2 mg along with my sleep med and it really made a difference.
    Obviously, there are differing experiences, though.

  6. NyroFan

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    Unfortunately, Melatonin does not work for me. I have prescription sleep aids: not that I want to, but it has become needed.

    So young you are, rest for stamina and live a healthy life to make it all easier for you.


  7. mom4three

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    told me I can take 2 if I need to. Maybe you need alittle more.
  8. spiritsky

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    The body usually makes ample melatonin until about the age of 35 to 40. Although there nothing to be concerned about regarding toxicity (melatonin is very safe at even very high doses), you might want to try other things for sleep.

    Things to try out that have helped me are:

    1) 750 mg Tryptophan 2 hours before bedtime
    2) 500mg Ashwagandha 2 hourse before bedtime

    3) 500mg GABA at bedtime.

    Some other people have success with Valerian root and other herbals but they don't work for me.

    Good luck...
  9. Shannonsparkles

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    This is your first post!!!! Glad you are here with us. I too am a young fibromite/CFS-er trying melatonin.

    I don't know the answer to your question, I just wanted to say hi. You sound like a smart, commited person who knows how to handle her GP. Good for you! You'll fit in great here.

    I'm working on my own melatonin dose now. I started at .25mg and slowly worked up to 3mg. On the lower dose, I was waking up too soon in the night. 1 & 2mg didn't seem much different than before I started using it. 3mg... I think may be making me a bit depressed, which can happen if the dose is too high for a person.

    Sleep is a tricky thing for us. You might want to try experimenting with dosage and brand. I read a research study conduted on CFS patients with the dose of 5mg melatonin to get more stage 4 sleep (deep sleep). There's no toxicity with melatonin even with higher doses.

    I'd try taking double your dose for a couple of nights. With me, I got insomnia with taking too little melatonin. Weird, I know. My naturopath explained that taking melatonin sets up some sort of hormone cascade to make you sleep, but if you take too little for your needs, then the process is interrupted and you wake up with insomnia. Your body is trying to use it; it just runs out of gas too soon. So you could try 6mg for a couple nights if you feel okay about it. If you are taking too much, the side effects could be nightmares or mild depression. If 6mg doesn't help, you could try something else. Somebody here wrote that it takes a few weeks to get the full benefit from it, so if you get up to a higher dose without side effects, try staying there for awhile.

    Keep posting! Glad to have you here on the message boards. :)
    (( )) Shannon
  10. mrpain

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    Everyone is different but I take two, 3mg. time released melatonin bought here at pro health, and also two valerian with lemon balm along with one extra strenght tylenol about one hour before bedtime.

    Drink no caffeiene after noon time will help also.. All this has really helped me a lot. Before this, I was always having trouble going to sleep, and when I did, I couldn't stay asleep. Now I sleep better, and if I do happen to wake up, I'll take one pill of each, and 20 minutes, I'll be back asleep..

    All isn't perfect, I'm just saying it's much better......
  11. spiritsky

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    What you're describing (early waking) can happen to some people who's melatonin dose is too high. You probably need a smaller dose.

    By the way, I know you're having a lot of sleep problems lately and we talked about the Ashwagandha. But have you also tried Progesterone. I started 50mg oral progesterone last week and it's really helping me to get a more refreshed sleep.
  12. hyderNZ

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    I'll try another night without it and see how it goes. I'll probably try a 1/2 dose 1 hour before bed tomorrow and hope for the best. I read that CFS sufferer's have abnormally high amounts of melatonin.....maybe we should be reducing the amount in our system.

    I find the biggest cause my insomnia to be uncomfortable sleeping positions. I really want to get one of those Tempur pillows.

    PS Does anyone else here have crazy dark circles under their eyes (all the time)? I've always had dark eye lids. I always feel like a junkie who just happens to eat excessive amounts of vegetables and purified water.

    PSS i put something in my profile if anybody's interested.
  13. spiritsky

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    You might want to try some other sleep supplements instead of just melatonin.

    Tryptophan 500 - 1500mg 2 hours before bedtime
    Ashwadandha 500 to 2000mg 2 hours before bedtime

    GABA - 500 - 2000 mg at bedtime...

    Experiment with different doses, starting with small doses first and building up. GABA is the easiest and cheapest to work with. Very little if any after effects and seems to help most people. Then if you're still having difficulty staying asleep I would work with the Tryp and Ashwa next. The ashwa also has the benefit of not just keeping you asleep but improving your strenght and stamina.

    Good luck.