Melatonin Update/A First for me

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    Maybe I should NOT post this but I will anyway, hope I'm not jinxed....

    I had been taking 1/4 to 1/2mg Melatonin with my Inositol for sleep for probably 2+ yrs, maybe more....Sleeping pretty good BUT waking up exhausted....not refreshed.... I had been thinking of upping my melatonin and finally did last night.

    Last night I decided to take an extra 1/4mg Melatonin and I slept pretty good in spite of our heat wave, and at 7AM was pretty wide awake and refreshed which has not happened in a LONG LONG TIME....Was out of my bed at 8AM as I exercise before I get out of bed, do stretches....

    So now it's 3/4mg of Melatonin....guess like anything else our body gets accustomed to a dose and we have to change it.... I buy Source Naturals 1mg tablets and break up into halves/quarters.....I've tried other brands and this tab works best for me. jam

    Plus I had Prolotherapy in my right knee yesterday and feel less pain and stiffness this morning. Prolo can do wonders in many areas of the body.