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    I know I've seen posts where people were looking for low dose melatonin pills so that they don't have to keep splitting the big pills again and again down to dust. Well I found 500 mcg (which I believe is 1/2 mg) at Kroger's, the brand name is Basic Vitamins. They also have a website, 100 tablets for $5.00. Hope that helps.

    Do any of you take a perscription sleep aid as well as melatonin? I take trazadone currently and would love to try the melatonin - but is it safe to take these together? I'm going to call a pharmacist and ask, but I figure they won't know much about melatonin and interactions. It would be a great thing if the melatonin works for me to get off of the trazadone but I'm scared to stop the trazadone first and risk having a worse night sleep.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. SpecialK82

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    I tried to google inosotil, I'm not totally clear on it - does it have the same effects as an antidepresant? Is is good for other things as well as sleep, like pain? Are you having any ill side effects with the melatonin or inosotil?

    Wishing you sweet dreams - thanks so much!
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    I'll definitely read up on inositol jammin, glad you found something to make you sleep so well. How long have you been taking the three supplements? It would be a great thing to take something more natural - hopefully less side effects. If I could just get a really good night rest I think I would feel so much better.

    Kelly - I was getting terribly dry eyes about a year ago (to the point that I couldn't work on the computer or watch TV) and I had just started going to the FFC and the doc put me on Trazadone instead of the Elavil (which I had been taking for years prior) since Elavil does have a drying effect. I started at the 100 mg dose and I slept well but after a month my eyes were becoming more and more irratated so I cut it back to 50. My eyes got somewhat better but my sleep quality declined. I stayed at 50 and then about 2 months ago again my eyes were not happy, so I cut back again to 25 mg.

    I didn't realize it until I looked back at the last 2 months in hindsight but my sleep quality was getting worse and worse and I was walking around like a zombie during the day. About 3 weeks ago I just crashed, I didn't have any energy to get off the couch for a few days. I wasn't sleeping on the couch, my mind was kind of wired all the time but my limbs were too tired to get up and move around. Even though my eyes (and now my mouth) were so dry I went back up to 50 mg a week ago and I feel like a new person. I was able to go to my part-time job and have enough energy to push through the day.

    I just now realized how that sleep deprevation accumulates over time and how you become more and more ill like a downward spiral. So that was a long story to tell you that I'm trying to find another way to sleep without the drying effect of alot of the sedative type medicines.

    Unfortunately, I have also come to the painful realization that the dryness is probably at least partially the FM and changing meds may not help as much as I hope.

    I had read about melatonin and possible cancer protection also. And I read that it may boost your immune system and may help fight bacterial and viral infections - how 'bout that? That would be some kind of wonderful!

    Thanks for telling me about the websites for drug/supplement interactions - that will be a very useful reference point.

    Thanks and sweet dreams to all!

  4. randired

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    I get a low dose melatonin for my son. 1 mg in liquid form from a local vitamin shop. For 1 mg it says to use 4 droppers of it but I only give him 3 droppers because we have found its all he needs.

    Its made by Natrol and ws about $5
  5. SpecialK82

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    Well it's nice to hear, but sorry to hear, that you all can relate to the dry eyes, mouth, as well. It's really driving me crazy!

    Kelly is sounds like you and I have been down the same path. Last year they did test me for Sjogren's and it came back negative and I couldn't have been more surprised. I have all the symptoms as well, I wore contacts up to two years ago but have had to give them up completely. I saw an eye doctor who gave my Restasis and I used it for about 4 months without a noticable difference so I stopped. Then she did plug the eye ducts (supposed to last for a year) which made it somewhat better but I'm still not comfortable. I have to put in steriod eye drops and lubricating eye drops every morning and night. I feel like I would need to drop my eyes about every 10 minutes to be comfortable. I started taking fish oil pills a few times a day and am trying to increase my water intake but have a hard time with that. I haven't heard that they can burn your tear ducts to create scar tissue, that's a new one on me.

    Oh, and definitely tough eating anything dry like bagels, bread, crackers, etc. Maybe I do have some other type of autoimmune issue going on. I'm going to see Dr. Lerner on Friday - do you know when he runs his initial blood tests if it is only for viral and bacterial infections or does he check for other things like this as well?

    jammin, I take blood pressure medicine as well and have never thought of them as a drying culprit but maybe alot of meds do have this effect. I have taken Atenolol for years and have only had this problem more recently - however if I have developed an autoimmune problem recently maybe I can't tolerate all the same meds I had before.

    randired - how does your son take the liquid? Do you stir it into something or just take it straight?
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    My son is young and has behavior problems. The melatonin helps him not fight us at bedtime and helps him settle much better. I give it to him in his nighttime milk or juice. I have tried it and its not bad tasting. I think you can put it in anything an not really taste it, even water.

    I have Fibro but cant take melatonin. It gives me crazy scary dreams, but its been a godsend when it comes to my son.
  7. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member

    I'm glad to hear it's working for him.

  8. SpecialK82

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    actually called 2 different pharmacists and they both said that taking melatonin and trazadone at the same time would be fine.

    So I'm going to try it tomorrow night!
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    Thanks for the well wishes on Friday - I'm getting very excited but trying to calm down knowing this will be a long road on antivirals and for each person it goes so differently. I really appreciate all your words of wisdom and support. I noticed from your bio that you live in Texas but that you had gone to Montoya for a year - how did you manage that kind of trip? That's alot of travel! Well, even going to Dr. Lerner is long for you - I assume that you fly? I used to fly, but I've developed a fear of flying in the last several years - ever since I started with these anxiety issues and the FM. That certainly beats a long car ride though!

    I'm so glad to hear that Dr. L has helped you with some of your issues, I know it gets so tough when you have multiple things going on. You are such a fighter, you give me inspiration! I believe in a very healthy nutritious diet also (although I don't always do what I know I should).

    Hugs Kristina
  10. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I get 300mcg tablets from Wal Mart.

  11. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member

    Good to know Walmart has them

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