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  1. srs6278

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    Has anyone tried melatonin to help them sleep? Does it work? Are there side effects you have experienced? I'm curious to know.
  2. mrdad

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    That's a very unique name my friend! I've been taking
    melatonin for about a year with very satisfactory results.
    I take two milligrams 20>30 mins. before beddy bye and
    it works quickly and with good results for me!

    I've read that lately the suggestthat one take it during
    the day regulate sleep for later. Don't take more than
    3 a day is also what I have read! Tylenol PM also worked
    well for me but believe melatonin is a better alternative
    if it is doing the job.

    Nighty Nite!
    MRDAD ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz ZZZzzzz zzzzzzZZZZZZ
  3. maedaze

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    I tried it a couple of years ago and it did nothing for me, but didn't get any side effects either. Am thinking of trying it again, as things change with my system, what i cant take some months i can maybe a year later.!!

    I would perfer to take this rather than chemical sleeping tablets so will give them another go.

    If it's cheap enough for you than I think it's worth a shot. To get a good nights sleep,,,, anythings worth a shot in my book!!

    Good luck :eek:)
  4. Leaknits

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    I went for YEARS with not enough sleep...sleep for an hour or two, wake up, stare at the ceiling forever, sleep a little more, wake up, etc.

    There were bags under my eyes I could have packed in to go to Europe. Trouble is, I couldn't have gone anywhere because I was always exhausted, lol.

    New doc said "Try it and see if it helps you," and went on to explain that Melatonin isn't exactly a sleeping pill as most people define that, but does help a person sleep more deeply because it takes the person to level 3 or 4 sleep.

    I'll be darned, the guy was right. Two 3mg tablets...I take mine before sundown but everybody's different...for beginning sleep and one-half to one tablet for when I wake up later. Usually that's around 2 to 4 a.m. and, if it's as "late" as 4 a.m. I decide whether or not to use that half tablet.

    No adverse effects at all and for me that's a near miracle because I get really odd reactions to a lot of treatments.

    AND: I'm dreaming again!! I missed dreaming; the brain has to go out and play from time to time.

    Most pharmacies and lots of online vitamin companies sell Melatonin.


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  5. Juloo

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    I don't use the standard 3mg tablets. I have a .5mg fast-acting tablet formulation that I split in half. So I basically take 1/4 mg about 20-30 minutes before bed. In the interest of full disclosure, I also take 2.5 mg of Ambien as well, but the melatonin seems to help the sleep come on faster.

    I haven't found that taking a larger dose is any help. In fact, I read a study in the last six or eight months that said that ubiquitous 3 mg tablets widely available are about 10 times the amount the body actually uses.

    I haven't had any side effects.