melitonin for sleep at bedtime???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by saphire27, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. saphire27

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    I just wanted to know , becuase it didn't seem to help me last night, but when i eat turkey wow, i'm asleep fast! Probally becuase i'm full huh?

    Can't wait for my sleep study march 30th! I hope my dr gives me something this week to help with sleep at night, maybe the day time naps will not be nessecary or maybe not as much daytime naps.

    Any thoughts?
  2. cjr2003

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    Hi.:>) Let me ask you this, how many mg of Melatonin are u taking? I have found they have the 1mg tablets and the 3mg tablets. I take 3mg Melatonin nightly along with my Ambien 10mg and it works wonderfully TOGETHER. If I was just taking Melatonin alone - I would probably never get to sleep - but, I have a sleep disorder. I have to have a RX sleeping med to be able to sleep normally. The Ambien isn't as quite as strong as the last sleep med I was on so I supplement with the Melatonin and it works great for me now. Have you ever been on a RX sleeping med? Trazodone is what I took for years and it worked wonderfully. But had to get off it to try for a baby. Not trying for a baby right now but that is a long long story!! Lunesta works well for some people too for sleep. I hope you find what works for your body well, and soon! I feel trememdously better when I have had proper sleep as do many w/ fibro!:>) LOL Carla
  3. jane32

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    I took 2.5 sublingual by itself for a few months it helped but my sleep was worse then I thought so I finally gave in and took 1 mg Lunesta. I also take 2 mg of the melatonin to go to sleep and if I wake up early like 7 am I take another 1-2 of the melatonin. It puts me back out for another 2-3 hrs. which is super helpful. I do wake up a little tired for the first 3-4 hrs. of the day but everyone tells me that getting your 8 hrs. of sleep no matter how you do is the best way to get on the road of recovery. I am hoping it works. It is just so nice to have the sleep a little more under control.
  4. kbak

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    Melatonin never worked for me. Some people , it really works for. If turkey makes you sleepy, than your more likely to get more benefit from 5-HPT. I take it a nite, and it has really helped me. Not just sleep, but my moods too.

  5. atpeace

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    Melatonin works for me pretty well. I take 5mg before I go to bed.

    M doctor explained (several years ago) that melatonin has to be in your system for a while before it really he said not to expect any improvement for a few days to a week of taking it nightly.

    I still don't sleep as deeply as "normal" people, I guess. But the melatonin does help me sleep better than I do without it.

    Every body is different...maybe 5-HTP would work better for you!

  6. neeter1

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    I have been taking Melatonin for years and years...before I knew I had fibro...3's just been here lately that I need something along with it..but it sure was a godsend!

  7. LittleBluestem

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    If you are having a sleep study in a little more than a month, please don't experiment with melitonin.

    According to an article I read, the correct time to take melitonin is different for different people. The correct timing is complicated to determine and is best done in a laboratory setting.

    Some people are lucky enough to come up with the correct time on their own. If you don't get the timimg right, the melitonin may be ineffective or it may through off your internal clock and it can stay that way.

    Of course I didn't read this until after I had pretty much reversed my internal clock with melitonin.