meloncoly about not working--miss my patients and my life

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    just wondered how many of you are out of work now and miss your jobs? I do big time. I loved looking at the babies all day. I am a sonographer and miss what I do for a living big time.

    I am working out and trying to get my knee better from surgery but it is giving out on me due to torn ACL and might have to bight the bullet and succumb to another surgery to repair the acl--

    I do not want to because my body is not healed from the last one or the one before that or the one before that--it seems I have been in a constant flare since 1999 after my hystercetomy, then cspine fusion in 2001 now my knee 2002--I feel like humpty dumpty and will never get put back together again!

    Hope all are well. My depression is much better-new med and it seems to be working. Serzone about killed me and made me more depressed as the dosage went up--

    take care

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    I have been a nurse since 1977 and always worked fulltime until about 2 years ago. As of 1 year ago I am no longer working at all. I have spent most of my career in a neonatal ICU and Peds ICU. I worked at the hospital where I went to school so I had many friends in every department. I actually still dream about taking care of babies. I really miss it. Being a nurse is a big part of who I am.I found out quickly that due to my long term bout of fibromyalgia most of my social life was tied to my work companions. After being a wife and mother and working I had no energy to foster friendships outside of the hospital. Now I am home alone, trying to heal and just beginning to feel like branching out into the world. I really need to find some new friends with varied interests. I am considering volunteering as a baby rocker in my old NICU to get my "baby fix" but it might be hard to see my old friends working & I can not. I don't like to explain to people why I am not working either. I've had a lot of orthopedic things (multiple knee surgeries, foot surgeries,stress fx, etc) also so I feel like Humpty Dumpty too. I am praying for God to show me the new life I must lead and to help me to feel fulfilled. I guess right now I am where I am supposed to be. Best wishes to you Cathy on your quest. I pray you can find some answers too.
    Tale care,
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    I am an RN, and worked for 8 yrs at a local hospital. I originally quit to stay home with my kids. I have 5 kids. Now as they are getting into school, I am wanting to get back to work. I literally dream about my old job at night about twice a week! I wake up with such a longing! However, I am so afraid to go back now. I don't know if I could handle it because of the fibro fog. I am terrified of making serious drug errors. I know it would happen. My husband had to take over the checkbook, and I even have trouble dialing the phone, because I get numbers mixed up and get confused so easily.

    I guess their are other areas of nursing I could explore. I know my kids' school is looking for a substitute nurse. Anyway, yes, I know that longing, and hope you can get back to work soon. It's frustrating how all of this just changes everything in our lives.
    I am glad that you are getting the depression under control! Take care of yourself! Physically and emotionally! Patti G
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    As you know, I too am unable to work in my chosen profession. When I tried to go back part-time I realized that teaching was no longer in the cards for me, and it's basically all I've ever done.

    Right now I'm not sure much of anything is in the cards for me, unless I can find a job where they pay me full-time for working about 6-10 hours a week, when I'm up to it.

    That said, I think the fist thing you need to do, and haven't really done yet, is accept your limitations. I realize how difficiult that is, when your family is going through tough times, but it's really the first step toward regaining a positive attitude. That doesn't mean you won't ever work again, but not in the near future.

    You know in your heart that you need to let your body completely heal. If after all that you are up to it then you can return to your profession. At the moment it's just not possible. It takes a lot of grieving to get to the acceptanace of this. it's not easy. I hope your therapist is able to help you with this.