Melted a second tea pot.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Quequay, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. Quequay

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    Tea pot number two is melted. It was a cool one because it sounded like an air raid siren when the whistle goes off. I must have gotten water in the whistle part and it never went off. I did get the lovely scent of melted plastic as the lid got all gooey.

    I have been sending electronic messages to my doctors office requesting my medical records but they keep finding ways of telling my I don't need them. I am so tired that I can not fight them. The said they will help out with the disability (yeah right...not after that dr's appt I had friday) I think I will try putting it another way...what's the worse that could happen...they say no again.

    Tired and shakey and ready for bed...again!
  2. blessings

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    Have you written to your doctors office (keeping a copy for yoursef) requesting your medical records? Legally, they are yours, mention that in your request as well as when you will pick them up.I do not believe they have an option to say no. You will mostlikely have to pay for the copies.Do not be intimidated, as I said, they are YOUR records.(
    I am so sorry about your teapot). Hope you feel better soon, blessings to you.
  3. cioc1212

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    Before you burn down your house you might want to try making your tea in the microwave instead from now on. [This Message was Edited on 01/14/2003]
  4. Quequay

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    It would be practical for me to use the microwave for tea but I don't like how it turns out. Guess I like it the old fashion way. I won't leave the kitchen until it is done, that is till I get a new tea pot! Maybe an electric one with auto shutoff.

    I am going to a new doctor that is in the same office as the one I don't like, He called and said that we can go over my medical records together and I can have what I need printed. That is good cause my wonderful old Doctor would consult with him on my condition so he at least knows what I have gone through. I don't know why I didn't switch right to him when my old doctor left...guess it is brain fog.

    I am off to find something to make my chest stop hurting..took lots of ibruprofin but nothing...guess it will have to be something stronger.
    Hope you all have a nice night,
  5. kzmom

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    Its must be the week to kill the tea kettle! I killed mine on Tuesday and it was a really nice Snowman one. It was enamel coated and popped off pieces of enamel. I wonder if I can still use it? The only way to make proper tea is on the stove not in a micro even though my husband has band me from killing tea kettles!