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    i am writing this to tell everyone about one of our users who lost their battle with cancer this morning. you all know her has terminal. her real name was wendy. she was from canada. wendy was diagnosed with a brain tumor 42 days ago at the age of 18. wendy was a special person who had more courage then anyone i know. she lost her parents a few years ago and had to battle this disease on her own. she told me she was not afraid of dying because she knew her parents would be waiting. her only fear was dying alone. wendy and i chatted and emailed and she always managed to astound me with her bravery and happiness. i am so proud to call her my friend. i wanted everyone to know what a fighter she was and that i will never forget her. she was a special person who was taken early to be one of Gods angels.
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    Thank you for sharing the story of Wendy's courage. I pray that you find peace and comfort from Jesus while greiving the loss of your friend.

  3. JQP

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    In one so young, and my admiration for her cannot be enough. Your loss will be profound, and I hope that memories of her will comfort you. She will still be with you, watching over and smiling. Bless you both.

    Much love
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    I have just started using this board again, was gone for awhile so maybe i met Wendy on this board a while ago?

    I am also a Canadian, from Toronto.

    Wow, 42 days...not long...

    was she able to enjoy any of her last days or was she too sick?

    It must have been lonely for her not to have her parents there, but I am glad she found comfort in looking forward to their reunion.

    My condolences on your loss and I hope Wendy didnt' suffer too much. Gosh, so young...

    Jen F, in Toronto.
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    friends like that are few and far between. She sounds like she was truly one in a million. My prayers and thoughts are w/you this evening. What a brave young girl and incredible story.... GOd bless Iggy
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    my thoughts and prayers are with you tonight i am sorry to here about your friend. God has a reason for everything and tho we may not know why it is there. at least she didnt suffer to long take care of your self and God bless you. kris