Memory & attention problems in children with CFS/ME-PubMed

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    Arch Dis Child. 2008 Nov 11. [Epub ahead of print] Links
    Memory and attention problems in children with CFS/ME.Haig-Ferguson A, Tucker P, Eaton N, Hunt L, Crawley E.
    University of Bristol, United Kingdom.

    OBJECTIVE: To understand more about the problems children with CFS/ME experience with their memory and attention, and to test the feasibility of quantitative measurement of both memory and attention. DESIGN: 4 item semi-structured questionnaire and Neuropsychological test battery with 10 psychometric subtests.

    SETTING: Family home of the child taking part. Patients: 20 children with a diagnosis of CFS/ME and experiencing memory and/or concentration problems were recruited between April and October 2007 from a regional CFS/ME clinical service (Female=13; Average age 13.5yrs; Range 8 - 16 yrs).

    METHODS: Each child, parent and teacher was asked to describe the child's memory and attention problems. Responses were subject to thematic analysis by two independent researchers. In addition each child completed a battery of 10 tests to measure: Processing speed; Attention; Immediate and Delayed Memory; Working Memory; Executive Function. Raw scores were converted into age-scaled scores and the children's psychometric scores on the 10 tests taken were compared with normative data using t-tests. RESULTS: Children with CFS/ME, their parents and teachers described problems with focussed attention, sustained attention, recall and stress.

    Children's scores were compared to normative data. Scores for sustained attention (mean 8.1, 95% CI 6.3-9.9), switching attention (7.5, 5.5-9.4), divided attention (6.9, 5.5-8.2), auditory learning (8.2, 6.8-9.6) and immediate recall (8.7, 7.3-10.0) appeared lower than the normative mean of 10.

    CONCLUSIONS: Children with CFS/ME appear to experience problems with attention, which may have adverse implications for verbal memory. These cognitive problems may explain some of the educational difficulties associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    PMID: 19001478 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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    I was trying to pay attention.

    Who's having trouble remembering things?


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    I had major memory and attention problems as a kid. I also used to pass out when I was a youngster but all they ever found was low blood sugar after testing me all day. I also had digestive problems as a kid that have only gotten worse over time.

    I think I had ME as a little kid, maybe was born with it, maybe got it as a vaccine like some articles suggest. Some say the Polio vaccine can cause it.
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    I bet alot of PWCs have had it since childhood. This is making me look back at vaccines again.

    You wrote:"I had a really hard time getting up early in the morning (which I just chalked up to not being a "morning person".)

    Me too! Totally. All my life.

    I was reading yesterday that the Polio vaccine didn't eliminate Polio, but transformed it in people's guts into 72 different forms and that people still get Polio viruses. It said that CFS is non-paralytic Polio. Sometimes we're pretty darn close to feeling paralyzed too and it does affect our breathing. This is pretty much what I think Polio might feel like.

    Then there's the fact that CFS is so similar to Autism and many say their kids were fine until they had an array of vaccine shots. GWI is also similar to CFS and seems to be caused by vaccine shots.

    Seems like if you have the right (or wrong) gene signature maybe vaccines can cause illnesses like this. Also, researchers have recently rechecked the genetic variability of humans and there is much greater variability across the population than they had realized and they had created meds and vaccines for one type only. Probably not our type. This would also explain why illnesses like this tend to run in families.

    Also CFS is similar to post-Polio syndrome. So that brings us back to Polio again.
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    most of my life. I also had a really hard time getting up in the morning to go to school. I had stomach aches in the moring and didn't want to go to school. I think I also had anxiety at a really young age. Interesting about the polio in the stomach!

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