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    Can anyone recommend things that they do that have helped improve their memory? i've come a long way but I still have memory issues. I've developed cheats so I don't know how much actual progress I've made and how much I've just gotten good at working around the problem. I know people take supplements for this stuff and if there's something you know has made a definite difference for you I guess I'd be interested. But mostly, I'm interested in exercizes or things people do to improve their memories. They say you can rebuild synapses and on that theory I've been working hard to get back my reading. Reading is one of the things I lost (when I most needed it!) and it's been hard work getting it back. But I notice a big difference now; it's coming easier the more I do it. in the same way I want to improve my memory. I cheat with post-its, lists that I prioritize, using people's names over and over... I have the hardest time with other people's personal information (names, faces, jobs, etc.). So does anyone have advice for improving memory?

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    Reading was exactly what I have done and continue to do. It is one of my favorite past times and one in which I refused to surrender to CFS/FMS.

    I picked up any fiction that sounded interesting enough to hold my attention, but not tough enough to follow from page to page and set aside specific times for reading only.

    In the early days it was not uncommon to read five or so books in a week. There wasn't much else I could do so my days consisted of getting up and dressed and sitting down to read.

    It not only helped exercise my memory, it also helped me to hold onto word recognition and spelling. It didn't stop these symptoms from happening, but I do think it helped contain them to a degree.

    Since I have gotten better, I don't read near as much as I once did. Actually, I haven't had time to read for entertainment purposes only like I would like to be doing.
    I'll get back into my groove eventually.

    You are on the right track. As hard as it seemed sometimes to follow just from page to page I would remember what I was potentially facing losing and would be motivated to keep trying.

    I would also use the titles and author's names from the weeks readings as a memory exercise. At first I could remember general story lines but not have a clue as to title/author. My little quizzes helped combat that.

    'Course, we're not talking classics here that tend to be more memorable, LOL ... but easy to read "trash" that didn't require you to be a mental giant to grasp it's plot and story line.

    Good luck with this. Every bit helps. My "job" on some days was to get up at a pre set time, get dressed as if I was expecting casual company and do my reading. Not much, but I felt I was at least doing some form of therapy / treatment in the fight against these insidious illnesses.

    Look into amino acid therapy for treatments designed for cognitive function. I still take l-tyrosine on a daily basis.

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    Thank you so much for responding, Elsa. That was so validating. I'll keep at it. I like to think that it is helping not just to get my reading back, but other things too.

    You read so fast! Yikes. It takes me a good month to finish one book. Reading used to be second nature to me. I read voraciously. Now the lines get tangled on me. Words flip flop around. But when I read aloud I loose focus of the content. All I hear is my voice. Sometimes I wonder if tv had any effect on me. It seems to go better when I slow down. I mark the lines with a bookmark to help keep me from slipping away onto another line by mistake. Really weird, I seem to do better reading books in foreign languages. (Well, I learned them BEFORE I got sick!) Maybe because I go slower and savor each word. Dunno. It's a wacky mystery. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement and I'll keep at it!