memory Loss and hypothyroid

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    Hi and thanks to all who responded to my previous posts. Had my blood work done and diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (blood work was fine in February). The memory problems had become so much more pronounced. My doctor says the thryroid problem could be causing this, my weight GAIN, and the fact that I am HOT, HOT, HOT all the time (which they would like to chalk up to menopause - but I keep telling them that I am not there yet!). One thing after another! I had my doctor write a note to work stating I was under his treatment and this condition could be causing my memory problems. Now they can take their WARNING and put it .. . you know where!
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    I'm glad you are getting some answers! Problems with short term memory, and getting back on track after a distraction are common in plain old FMS. I had a woman in my group with severe problems, like she couldn't remember how to get to the grocery store she'd gone to for yrs., and she turned out to have undx'd hypothyroid. I hope the thryoid meds will solve most of your problem.
    I wanted to write to encourage you to ask your doctor for an estradiol blood test to make sure about menopause. Do not settle for an FSH test as they are not reliable until you are already all the way through menopause. The reason why I say this is that I kept saying the same thing you did, and the delay cost me 17% of the bone mass in my hips. It turned out the FMS, or something, made me start going through the change at age 37. I was all done with feeling hot at 44, but did not receive the estradiol test until I was 48. Most bone loss occurs during the first five yrs. This DD can do strange things, so better safe than sorry. Usually, if a person is hot dueto thyroid problems, that is hyper not hypo thyroid. Maybe you are swinging back and forth between the two? Did anyone mention Hashimotos thydoiditis?
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    Linda, I don't know your age, but "perimenopause" can start around age 35. I had the opposite problem. My doctor kept telling me that sweating could be caused by many things when I kept telling him I was having hot flashes. I kept going from being too hot to too cold.
    Is there a connection between Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism. I have both, among other things.
    Great reading on this board.
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    As usual, I always get something out of your posts.
    It seems like you are saying that Calcium Citrate with Vit. D will increase a person's estrogen and progesterone levels. Is that true, or did I misread your post? If so, I am doing the right thing, as I've been taking the exact amts. you mention for at least 10 yrs. now. I'm just interested in the pathway by which that would happen. Can you explain it to an interested layperson?
    BTW, I recently added Pregnenelone, 10 mgs. X 5 days, then 2days off in an effort to raise all my hormone levels. Do you have any experience/advice with this? :)
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    As far as I know, there is no direct connection between FMS and thyroid problems, except that the symptoms are similar, and if our endocrine systems are suppressed, then that includes thyroid. I have seen some people's FMS improve dramatically when their thyroid is properly treated, but that's becuase it was thyroid causing the symptoms in the first place, not FMS.
    So many women have hypothyroid that it is hard to say if FMS is related. Some will tell you that autoimmune thyroid problems are related, but one in every eight women develop thyoid problems, so how can you tell with that many of us having a problem?
    As Madwolf hinted when talking about his exercising, I had borderline thyroid when dx'd with FMS, but by exercising, I now have a thyroid right in the middle of the normal range. When first dx'd, my temp ran around 95.6 all the time and I was freezing. After exercising almost daily for 15 yrs., now it is at 98 most of the time. I have never heard anyone say that exercise can help thyroid before, but have always believed it to be the reason why mine improved.
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    Can all cause cognitive/memory problems, low energy, and problems with regulating body temperature. If these problems are caused by being hypothyroid and/or perimenopausal/menopausal, the addition of the hormone(s) will help with these problems.

    Unfortunately, FMS itself can also produce these problems and the HRT may or may not alleviate them. It is definitely important to address the endocrine system and not assume all our problems are FMS related. In any case, since FMS seems to mess with our hormones, it may all boil down to FMS in the end anyway. My point is that even when we use HRT, our problems may not go away.

    The calcium is very important for several reasons. We need to ensure that our bones stay healthy. Also, there is a relationship between phosphates and calcium in the body. Since we seem to have a hard time eliminating the phosphate debris produced in the Krebs cycle, taking calcium with each meal will allow some of the phosphate debris to be excreted through the intestines. If one buys into Dr. St. Amand's theory, this will help prevent this debris from being deposited in our soft tissue and joints. This, according to Dr. St. A, is what causes our pain.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Linda,

    I have had some welcomed success with concentration improvement by switching from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid. Mine is not as much memory loss as it has been the inability to focus or concentrate enough to retrieve the information. As for my temp...the Armour seems to be helping some. It seems my fevers and night sweats are somewhat less. I don't know if the med has anything to do with this change. I feel fairly positive that the Armour has improved my concentration. I am 42 and my hormone levels are in good shape...I am not having hot flashes...they are low-grade fevers (very different). I have had them for a good 6 years or so.

    Take care,