Memory loss/ Confusion

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    Several years ago I could not go to the grocery, post office and Kinko's on one trip because it was too confusing.
    After I was diagnosed and treated for B12 malabsorption, I showed amazing improvement.

    But, because my doctors had ignored my low B12 for so long, I ended with with permanent nerve damage.

    That's how I became very interested in getting B12 information out to others like me who could benefit...

    One thing that I found very useful, was that our fingernails reflect our health, and they can be used to tell whether or not we are low on B12.

    Low B12 is often a part of an Alzheimer patient's profile.
    Your fingernails reflect your health --
    Learn what warning signs to look for --
    Karen Kline
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    Welcome to our boards. This is a great web site with wonderful people. I need to caution you about something; we are not allowed to put web addresses on this site. They are very strict about this, so please hit "edit" by your name and remove the web address. The other thing we are not allowed to include in the posts are e mail addresses.

    I just thought you would want to know so you aren't banned before you really understand the ramifications of putting down a web address. There are some legal issues involved with the sponsor, so we must follow the sponsor's rules.

    You will love this web site, There are caring, kind, bright people here who are so supportive. Sometime , check out the chit chat board at this same site. There are some really funny stories, jokes, and just gabbing back and forth on that board.

    Soft hugs, Joyfully

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