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    Thought the following website might be of interest:

    DISTRACTION: Shedding Light on the Cognitive Underpinnings of Fibromyalgia Memory Loss.

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    What was that? Forgot what you said!!! He,He,He,He
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    Thank you for this information. Memory loss is probably harder to live with than many of the other Fibro/CFS maladies.

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    way too much to read, much less absorb this morning.
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    I had a neuropsychology test in June. This explains why I did better on the test than I thought I would. It was done in a quite room, well lit and ventilated, at a table and comfy chair, with rest periods.Because I know I forget the simplest things. Names of people I've known my whole life, families birthdates,my own address, phone numbers.I can't even do simple math problems. That test made me look like I was a liar. I printed the article and I'm submitting it with the test results when I appeal my SSD.It took awhile to read and absorb, but it was worth it. Thanks again sherry
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    Great article! Best I've seen for explaining why we with FMS/CFS have problems with cognitive functions. I have found that my cognitive fuctions are getting worse and worse at work, even though my pain is for the most part under control. I couldn't understand why I was having such a problem, but from this article it looks like it was not the pain that is causing the memory problems.

    Thanks again for the informative article! Sally
  8. rileyearl

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    The cognitive and pain pieces of FM just started this year for me. I think I've had other symptoms since I was 15. The distraction/inability to concentrate information about FM patients is so true.

    My husband has ADD and I've been less than tolerant of his inability to finish anything. Now I can't even finish a sentence or remember the name of a thing I'm looking at--especially if I'm multi-tasking or interrupted. I think he's enjoying it a little. I can tell you I am not enjoying it at all.

    Shoot, now I can't remember what else I was going to write. o well!!!


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