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  1. shelly11

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    I've heard a little about brain fog with fm. i forgot how 2 turn on shower 2day, i also forgot atm card in bank machine, they called me & i had 2 go pick it up. is this normal? cause i am really starting 2 get scared.
  2. glenda2

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    well it may not be normal for some people but i think it is normal for us with fm. that is brain fog!! i have it most of the time.

    it used to upset me but i have learned to go with it so now it is entertainment for me (sometimes) and my family.

    i still get upset if it happens with something very important.

    some folks on here have named some supplements and meds for that but i don't remember all of them. i guess that is brain fog too!!!

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  3. poets

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    Please don't be worried about your fog. Go to any Fibro board that has a Fibrofog section and you'll see there are people doing things that can top you. Just when you think you're absolutely the worst, someone will come along and top it.

    Have you ever forgotten your way home, however briefly? Or gone shopping with two different kinds of shoes on? I could go on and on! Don't be scared. It's all part of the Fibrofog! Around here you're considered normal.

  4. wanderingbluedragon

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    I feel like I'm losing my mind. I have no short term memory any more. I can't even hold on to a conversation some times.

    I constantly forget things. I was looking at a picture and couldn't figure out who the person was, it took me five minutes of racking my brain until I remembered it was my brother.

    I also have to write everything down and have people call and remind me of things. I was there when my best friend found out her grandmother passed away and I forgot. I felt horrible.

    Is there any better way of coping? What do your doctors say about it, mine acts like it's no big deal or like I'm exaggerating.

  5. robin1667

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    My primary Dr. isn't concerned with my memory loss.I AM!I need to change Dr.'s He doesn't seem to be concerned about anything! Anyway.
    I recently went to an allergist.She did a breathing test on me,which I failed horribly.She asked how I slept,told her I wake up several times a night,and when I do sleep I feel exhausted when I wake up.I told her I do snore,and my short term memory is shot.She thought I have asthma also.She sent me to see Pulmanologist.
    He said since my mother has sleep apnea,he will have me do that test a little later,when I get my pain under control.LOL!!He said the sleep apnea can be the cause of memory loss and fatigue.It's my understanding if you have sleep apnea,you lose oxygen while sleeping,because you stop breathing several times a night.I have forgotton where I put things,where I'm going,what I said or someone else said just minutes after.And how to do things and who I just talked to on the phone.We'll see.It don't hurt to be tested,been tested for just about everything else.
    It is very exhausting to try and figure out why we are having these problems,but don't give up.Keep going till someone figures it out! Hugs,Robin
  6. karengemma

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    Me to!!

    I forget the correct way to turn the tap on and off!! I forget where I've put things but then again I always put things in stupid places now!!

    I forget the name of things and just stare at them knowing I know the correct word but can't for the life of me rememeber and we're only talking about things like plates etc so I've become very clever at calling things thingy or so an so.

    I think the fog is one of the worst parts of FM and robs us of some of our identity

  7. Sheila1366

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    I have this off and on. Somedays I am off balance and feeling outside myself. I get scared too even though I know that it is fibro fog and not a neurologically condition like seizures.Had an eeg to check cause the fog was so bad.

    Sorry this is happening to you. It does get better but that doesn't help when you are in the middle of it.

    Take care.
  8. findmind

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    Mine got so bad, I told my shrink, and she Rx'd Provigil for the times I really need to be alert.

    I have only taken it x2, but each time I had to use it, within one hour of taking it, my brain was normal, and I was able to do the mentally hard stuff easily.

    It is a 50mg tablet, which I break in half. It can make one a little nervous, but I use it so rarely, I can deal with that.

    COq10 is also a great idea; it does a lot more than just help your memory.

    Hope you find something to help you. I find that if I stress over not being mentally sharp, that makes it worse. So I tell myself to lighten up and it will be ok, I can do what needs to be done, and most of the time, removing the stress of it helps, too.

    Best to you...
  9. ladybugmandy

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    hi all. have you guys been tested for neurotropic viruses?