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    Late in the afternoon at work the other day, after an average day of go,go,go, I started really having the goof-ups. I was on the computer looking at names, numbers and trying to type. Nothing was coming out right. The more I strugled the worse it seemed to be. I was doing weard things too, like carrying a stapler around while looking for parts. ( I work as a partsman at an impliment dealer) Why that was, I do not know,. I realized it when I picked up the parts. I walked back into the shop to do a task and totally blew it off for some time, while the customer waited. I finally came around and realized what I was supposed to be doing.

    Anyone have those moments with this DD?

  2. rockgor

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    I mix up words a lot; speaking or typing. How long did your fog last?

    Any change in meds or something that might have triggered this?
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    But a few months ago I started noticing serious issues with remembering things and organization (my house and office are total chaos!). I started forgetting words, or forgetting where I was in the middle of sentences or conversations. Figured it was all part of aging.

    But recently I'm noticing it more and more. Plus, I've stuttered a few times and the wrong word comes out when I'm speaking, or I say the right word but totally mispronounce it...what the heck is going on?

    My daughter noticed it yesterday because it happened several times. I told her not worry, that I'm sure it's not "COW MAD mad disease"!!!


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    I've had increasingly major memory problems and everyone tells me,"Oh,everyone goes through that when they get older." It's been going on with me since my middle 20's. I know I'm not crazy...don't think it's Altzheihmers...but I DO believe it's tied into CFS and FM. Can't prove it...but I believe it to be true. ~*Anjie*~ :)
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